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Stimulant Laxatives

We spend a lot of time avoiding stimulants. Life is interesting enough without looking for more activity, most people would agree. There is one time in a person’s life when a stimulant may be a good thing. Of course we are talking about the need for stimulant laxatives. Constipation is certainly a time when stimulation  … Read more

The Different Bulk Forming Laxatives

There is no doubt that there are many different types of laxatives. It isn’t a matter of just walking into a store and purchasing the first one you see. For educational purposes, let’s take a look at the bulk forming laxatives. These are the products that use fiber to help you move your bowels and  … Read more

Using Laxatives Safely

You may think using laxatives is a pretty straight forward process. The truth is there are things you should know about laxatives before taking them to be safe and aware of any concerns or risks. It’s always a good idea to be informed about any type of product you are intending to put in your  … Read more

Herbal Laxatives For Constipation

In this age of people getting away from traditional medical treatments and turning back to natural remedies, many are using an herbal laxative to help with their constipation problems. This is a positive trend as long term use of commercial laxatives can be hard on the lower digestive tract and harmful to your overall health.  … Read more

The Effects of Laxative Abuse

It seems like anything can be used as for an unhealthy purpose. Laxative abuse is certainly a concern for many people. There are many hazards to the practice of laxative overuse. For a product designed to help with the unpleasant symptoms of constipation, it has received a bad rap from many health care professionals due  … Read more

Laxative Tea and Other Natural Solutions

When you are considering all natural methods for relieving constipation, one of the first thoughts that may occur to you is laxative tea. There are other healthy options available. Many people are getting away from the idea of blindly picking up a commercial laxative in the drug store. Issues like long term laxative effects and  … Read more

Types of Natural Laxatives

With so many laxative products available in the stores, why would you be concerned about a natural laxative? Seriously, it there really any difference? The answer to the second question is yes; there is a huge difference. There are several reasons to be concerned about what type of laxative you use to relieve your constipation  … Read more

An Alternative to Laxatives

Everyone knows you need a laxative to relieve constipation. But is there any harm in using those often harsh products on a regular basis and is there a simpler way to feel better? Especially if constipation is a chronic problem for you or the person suffering is in any way vulnerable, you may want to  … Read more