Types of Natural Laxatives

With so many laxative products available in the stores, why would you be concerned about a natural laxative? Seriously, it there really any difference? The answer to the second question is yes; there is a huge difference. There are several reasons to be concerned about what type of laxative you use to relieve your constipation symptoms. The best laxative is one that is safe to use over an extended period of time if the need arises and it is one that is gentle on your system and won’t cause any further unpleasantness like diarrhea. Many over the counter laxatives can’t or shouldn’t make those claims. Take a look at some of the natural constipation treatments you can choose instead.

  • laxative teas
  • food for constipation
  • mineral oil and constipation

It would certainly be more pleasant to sip on a nice cup of tea instead of taking thick, syrupy constipation treatment. Laxative teas are very effective at helping the colon do its job and loosen stool. Many of these teas include herbs and natural ingredients that are gentle on the colon and lower intestines. There are even some that contain things like ginger or peppermint both of which are very soothing to an upset stomach. There hasn’t been a regular laxative made that can do all of that.

You may be wondering why you would add food on top of a system that can’t eliminate waste as it is. Actually one of the most effective natural food laxatives you can use is fiber. Whole grain products have been proven to assist the lower digestive tract to remove waste and perform at top function. In addition to fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables are very useful as well. One of the best things you can do for your overall health and digestive tract is eat a well balanced healthy diet.

Mineral oil as a laxative has to be the most popular home remedy for constipation. For generations, people have used mineral and castor oils to help things move along in the lower regions. Due to the unpleasant flavor of especially castor oil, this isn’t the most delicious method, but it is effective.

It’s easy to see why natural laxatives are growing in popularity. You get all of the advantages of using a laxative without the adverse side effects that go along with more harsh treatments. It is also more difficult to abuse natural methods unlike the use of commercial laxatives to lose weight. If you want to try an all natural laxative, New Colon Sweep is an excellent option.