For Constipation in Infants

There are many things that happen in the first few months of a child’s life that may cause parents concern. One of the most disturbing is infant’s constipation. It can be terrifying for parents to realize that they haven’t changed a dirty diaper in days. What many brand new parents don’t know is that stool appearance and frequency of bowel movements is directly related to how the baby is fed. Bottle fed and breast fed babies tend to have different diaper habits. What is normal of one isn’t necessarily normal for others. If you and a doctor decide it is necessary, the best thing for a baby is one of the natural laxatives. Here are a few things that you might hear recommended for a very young child.

  • enema
  • karo syrup
  • dietary changes

It isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, but using an enema for relieving constipation in a little one is effective, especially if the baby is in pain. Many parents prefer to have this done by a professional nurse or doctor. Enemas and suppositories are usually only used as a last resort if dietary changes and other methods don’t work.

More pleasant for everyone involved, including the baby is using karo syrup to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Most experts recommend mixing a teaspoon of the light karo syrup with about 4 ounces of water in a bottle. The syrup has the same effect on infants that mineral oil has on adults. Sometimes children this young become constipated because they aren’t getting the fluids. With such small bodies, it is easy to dehydrate in summer especially. Of course, never hesitate to contact the baby’s doctor with any questions or concerns.

If a baby is old enough to eat solid or baby foods, the culprit of constipation may be their diet. Bananas, rice cereal, and applesauce all can cause the stool to become too hard for a small colon to pass. Consider temporarily changing some of the foods your little one eats to help. Fruits and fruit juice are very helpful in this regard. Calcium constipation is a concern at this age as well. Too much calcium in the diet has shown to cause constipation.

For constipation in infants the best approach is a natural, gentle one. Actually everyone benefits from all natural laxatives when they are experiencing constipation. New Colon Sweep is one remedy that is effective and safe for everyone. Remember to think about natural laxative options for fast, safe results.