Common Causes of Constipation

Sometimes the cause of constipation is simple. It could be an over indulgence of rich foods or dairy. It may even be caused by a medication. Both of those are examples of temporary problems that will be solved once the fiber intake is increased or the medication cycle is over. However there are other more severe causes of constipation that won’t go away on their own. Knowing something about them will help you make the right decision for your care and stop your constipation once and for all. If anyone tells you it’s no big deal and you don’t need to worry about, remember how you feel each time constipation strikes. The truth is it is a big deal and finding a solution to the problem is important. Here are some of the common, and often overlooked, causes of constipation.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Yeast infections or Candidasis
  • Diverticulitis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. That’s great news for those who suffer from it. In some patients, it causes horrible constipation. For others it manifests with explosive and potentially embarrassing diarrhea. Either way it’s a hardship for the patient. The true cause of IBS isn’t clearly known, but it is known that the colon and bowels are adversely affected and painful cramping is common. In addition to the habits you can develop to help with the condition, your doctor is a good source of information on what to do about the constipation.

When most people think about yeast infections, they focus on it as a gynecology issue. The truth is men can develop yeast infections as well, it just isn’t as common. In either gender, once a yeast infection begins, it can spread like wild fire to the surrounding areas. When it reaches the colon, constipation is often the result and nothing short of treating the infection itself and treating the colon with a colon cleanser is going to provide any relief.

Diverticulitis is a fancy name for herniated pockets that form in the colon. As you can imagine, the pockets quickly fill with waste and feces and become inflamed and infected. It doesn’t take a huge leap of the imagination to see what happens next. The patient’s bowel movements are severely affected and painful constipation is the result.

Regardless of the cause of constipation, you can treat it and stop it from interfering with your everyday activities. New Colon Sweep is an all natural product designed to give you the relief you need. Colon constipation can be eliminated safely and gently with natural means.

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