Beware of the Overuse of Laxatives

Everyone knows that the purpose of a gentle laxative is to relieve the symptoms of constipation. That’s pretty well established. Actually it is amazing how much better you feel after treating this often painful condition. Here are a few of the areas that are healthier due to the laxative effects.

  • lower back pain constipation
  • unpleasant bloating and gas
  • chronic sensation of having to defecate

Most people want a fast laxative for immediate relief of these painful symptoms. Some choose to use a saline laxative in the form of an enema or suppository. Others choose a slower, though more pleasant option of a laxative diet or over the counter product. Stimulant laxative use is another option. In short as long as the laxative has the effect needed, on a short term basis, they are a safe option in relieving constipation. However there are times and circumstances in which laxatives shouldn’t be used.

  • using laxatives to lose weight
  • chronic overuse of laxatives

It has been reported that some people abuse laxatives to lose weight. Even for a one time deal, this isn’t a safe practice. By stimulating a normally functioning colon, you can cause tremendous, permanent damage to the colon. Some people have caused such extensive damage that the colon no longer functions without the laxative. Laxatives of every type are intended to assist in difficult bowel movements. They aren’t intended for and shouldn’t be used to purge the body of important nutrients. Doing so is a huge risk that you simply shouldn’t take. There are safer and more effective, not to mention healthy, ways to lose weight. Actually if you eat a diet high in fiber and vital vitamins and nutrients, the colon will work effectively and chances are you will lose weight safely as an added benefit.

We already discussed one of the potential hazards of laxative overuse. If your constipation isn’t responding to the type of laxative you are using, consider changing methods or see your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t just up the dosage or use the product for longer than the package recommends. Not being able to eliminate waste from your body is a risk you don’t want to take.

When used as they were intended and safely, a gentle laxative can make all of the difference in the world to how you feel. New Colon Sweep is an all natural product that can help with your constipation symptoms. Many people have found success with herbal laxatives and you can too.