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More Natural Remedies for Constipation

Foods high in fibers are great natural remedies for chronic constipation. In natural healing practices, food is considered to be medicine. A good diet is key to living a healthy lifestyle and if you have tendencies towards constipation you can include those foods that help to increase the fiber in your diet. Fresh fruits and  … Read more

What Constipation Symptoms Are Cause For Concern?

Some constipation symptoms, such as infrequent bowel movements or having difficulty or discomfort when passing stool—may be aggravating, but they do not signal the possibility of a larger problem.  Temporary constipation can be caused by things such as new medication, dehydration, hormone imbalance, and even traveling.  But when constipation symptoms such as severe abdominal cramping,  … Read more

Does A True Constipation Remedy Exist?

Constipation is thought to be the most common health condition but doctors are unable to confirm this as it is also thought to be the most undiagnosed because most of us don’t tend to share our constipation problems with our physicians. And this truly is not a problem in most cases because although chronic constipation  … Read more

Some Constipation Remedies May Be Dangerous to Your Health!

Store shelves are lined with a lot of constipation remedies that many of us simply cannot do without.  Who has the time to call up the doctor and make an appointment during the work week for a simple constipation problem?  After all, “functional constipation” is something that millions of us have at least once per  … Read more

Child Constipation and Natural Treatment

Child constipation is a fact of life. Constipation occurs more for children than the adult population. The only other segment of the population with a similar incidence is the elderly. Although some constipation can result from poor potty training, many of the causes of the constipation in children are still to be determined. It is  … Read more

IBS with Constipation: When it Gets Serious

IBS with constipation is a serious condition that needs to be treated either naturally or through conventional medicines. IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is typically thought to only include symptoms of pain in the abdomen, altered bowel habits from frequent bowel movements, diarrhea or constipation. Mild IBS is generally treated with diet and a program to  … Read more

Cure Constipation by Understanding the Causes

Constipation has many causes, and one must understand them all to finally cure constipation for you. Conventional medical wisdom blames dehydration, poor or low-fiber diets, inadequate water intake or exercise, and even laxative abuse. Constipation is even a natural occurrence when one is very young and when one is much older. The reason is that  … Read more

Common Causes of Constipation

Sometimes the cause of constipation is simple. It could be an over indulgence of rich foods or dairy. It may even be caused by a medication. Both of those are examples of temporary problems that will be solved once the fiber intake is increased or the medication cycle is over. However there are other more  … Read more

Constipation Remedy Ideas

Over the generations, there have been all kinds of theories and constipation remedy ideas thought up. Some are not very effective, but others are as relevant today as they were in the years past. Before the days of huge chain pharmacies and a doctor on every corner, people were left to treat themselves. Constipation isn’t  … Read more

Helping with Child Constipation

There’s no doubt about it, parenthood is frustrating. There are few things more upsetting than seeing child constipation first hand. Once a little one figures out that it is painful to eliminate waste, they will avoid it and make the problem worse. In their minds it makes sense to avoid what is causing them pain  … Read more