Natural Laxative Treatments

There are many types of natural laxative options to choose from when you need it most. The right one for you will depend on the severity of the constipation and what you are comfortable with doing to ensure relief. There is no point pretending that relieving the symptoms of constipation is pleasant, however you can make it as easy and gentle on yourself as possible. Many of the natural treatments are just as effective as their over the counter counterparts and you have the added comfort of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. So without further discussion, here are a few of your constipation options.


  • constipation enema
  • liquid laxatives
  • fiber powder laxatives

You could use an enema to treat constipation if prunes as a laxative are too much for you. Many people would feel like an enema is easier than eating prunes. In all seriousness, a saline laxative in the form of an enema is probably the fastest way to find relief from constipation. Other names for this treatment you may see include salt water laxative or Epson salt laxative. If the idea of putting something really is beyond your comfort level, you can always try prune juice for your constipation relief.

We already mentioned one of the most natural types of liquid laxative, prune juice. Prunes are naturally full of fiber and either in their solid form or juice can be very beneficial to the colon and its function. Using karo syrup for constipation relief is helpful as well. Mixed with water or another beverage, it has a similar effect as mineral oil. Another option is Philips laxative. Of all of the over the counter laxative products, it is probably the best known.

Of course, you can always increase your fiber intake with a powder form of fiber. They are made to be dissolved into a beverage or food. If you want to use fiber as a laxative though, the best way to do so is by increasing your fiber food intake. Whole grain breads and cereal are the simplest changes to make.

Choosing a natural laxative is always gentler on your digestive system and less potentially harmful to the colon. New Colon Sweep is an excellent option and many people have found relief with this product. All natural methods are less expensive than the traditional medicine laxative.