Laxatives for Constipation Relief Can Be Dangerous

Like it or not, constipation relief is something we all need from time to time.  Now perhaps the constipation developed as a result of traveling, a sudden change in diet, or even using some new medication.  No matter the cause, all we really needs is some constipation relief.  Unfortunately, not all constipation relief is beneficial and some treatment options can cause more trouble than the original condition.

Those of us with constipation will often complain about pain that feels like cramps in the stomach and intestines.  The severity of the pain may cause actually cause us to lose work and can even play havoc with our social life and relationships.  This is why we often resort to one of the simplest and easiest forms of constipation relief:  the laxative.

A laxative works by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract and many use stimulants to have this effect.  What the laxative does is cause the Peristaltic action responsible for moving waste through the gastrointestinal tract to activate.  The muscles in the colon begin to contract and the laxatives will cause an evacuation within a few hours in most cases.  However, the use of laxatives for constipation relief comes at a price.

The problem with most “over-the-counter” laxatives is their use of harsh chemicals and their effect upon your body.  Such laxatives desensitize and then enlarge your colon in order to stimulate a bowel movement.  In time and with consistent use, it will be impossible to even have a bowel movement without using laxatives.  This is part of the reason why the laxatives used for constipation relief can become habit-forming.  A large number of people with eating disorders commonly report abusing laxatives.

Still, there is nothing wrong with using laxatives on occasion as a constipation remedy.  Just be sure that you find laxatives made from all natural ingredients because many of the problems above can be avoided by staying away from products made with harsh chemicals and stimulants.  Be sure to speak with your physician before using any of the “over-the-counter” laxatives as they can cause more problems than they solve if not used properly or for too long.

For long-term constipation relief, the best answer is probably a diet rich in fiber and a more active lifestyle.  But when blockages form and constipation symptoms are acute, a more immediate form of relief is necessary.  A colon cleanser is a great way to clean out the entire gastrointestinal tract and remove blockages and compacted feces clinging the walls of the colon and rectum.  Try to find a colon cleanser made with all natural ingredients because chemicals can cause harmful side effects that may actually worsen the condition—and the symptoms!!

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