Does A True Constipation Remedy Exist?

Constipation is thought to be the most common health condition but doctors are unable to confirm this as it is also thought to be the most undiagnosed because most of us don’t tend to share our constipation problems with our physicians. And this truly is not a problem in most cases because although chronic constipation is a very serious and potentially life threatening condition, short term constipation is quite common and usually only lasts for a few days before our body returns to normal bowel movements. In the meantime, we usually resort to a common constipation remedy such a laxative or suppository to alleviate short term symptoms. But are these true remedies or does an actual constipation remedy even exist?

Laxatives can be found in two varieties: over-the-counter laxatives which tend to use stimulants as the active ingredients, or those laxatives made with natural ingredients like those found in nutrition stores or online. Laxatives made from chemicals are not the best constipation remedy as they tend to be habit forming, cause dehydration, and your body may not be able to perform a bowel movement on its own if it becomes dependent upon the laxatives for an extended period of time. Laxatives made from natural ingredients are: less toxic to the body, non-habit forming, and naturally help stimulate normal bowel movements.

Suppositories may be used as a constipation remedy as well but are not taken orally as is the case with laxatives. Instead, a suppository is a constipation remedy that is administered rectally. Suppositories tend to have chemical ingredients such as bisacodyl or glycerin which can be harmful to your body when taken over an extended period of time.
Enemas are not as popular as they once were as a constipation remedy and much of that is due to the increased popularity and convenience of laxatives. However, in instances of severe blockage, enemas remain an effective constipation remedy but their rectal administration remain an unpopular aspect of this treatment option.

Perhaps the best constipation remedy is the one that prevents the condition from developing in the first place. To accomplish this, you need merely add fiber, plenty of water, and daily exercise to your daily routine. It should be expected that the occasional bout with constipation will arise, but even the chances of this can be minimized if you use a colon cleanser periodically to remove feces build-up and give the entire gastrointestinal tract a good cleaning. Colon cleansers made with all natural ingredients are preferred to those made with chemicals as they may cause dehydration or other problems that can actually cause constipation, not help prevent it.

While no fix-all constipation remedy exists, the problem can be avoided in most cases with proper diet and exercise. Stress is a common cause of constipation so continual outbreaks need to be investigated by a doctor as some sort of stress management may be needed to manage the condition. Other than that, a periodic cleansing with an all-natural colon cleanser should help keep the system clean and the body regular.

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