The Risks of Unwise Laxative Use

There is nothing wrong with laxative use when it does correctly and for the right reasons. The only need you should have for a laxative stimulant or any other type of laxative is to relief the symptoms of constipation. If you are looking for any other result, that is abusing laxatives and unhealthy for you in every way.

You may be wondering about how someone could abuse laxatives. Most of the time, this kind of medication abuse is directly related to weight loss. We aren’t talking about someone who feels like they need to lose a few pounds. Laxative abuse often occurs with a person who suffers from one of the eating disorders. Just for clarification, here are a few of the times when laxative dependence is used a way to achieve unhealthy weight loss.

  • laxatives and weight loss
  • laxatives and anorexia
  • laxatives and bulimia

The only type of weight loss that laxatives should be expected to help with is the loss of stool from the colon. Trying to use laxatives as a quick fix before a special occasion to fit into a dress or suit is a bad idea. In the first place, it probably won’t work and you could end up spending the evening miserable with horrible gas and explosive diarrhea. It may sound like a good idea in the beginning, but odds are good you’ll regret your decision later. Laxatives are intended to help with bowel movements.

The above mentioned set of circumstances doesn’t necessarily describe an eating disorder. However in the case of anorexia, laxatives are a harmful addition to an already harmful illness. There have been documented cases of anorexia patients using laxatives to eliminate food, and as such calories, from their bodies before the food has time to metabolize. There are several things dangerous about this practice. Anorexics don’t eat enough to maintain healthy body functions anyway. When food is eliminated in this way they receive even less. On top of the starvation factor, extended use of laxatives on a colon that is working fine will cause permanent damage to the organ. With bulimia, things are a little different as anorexia and bulimia are different diseases. However the bulimic uses the laxatives to help purge after a binge. Beyond that small difference the effects of laxative abuse are the same.

Most laxative use is done for the right reasons, to eliminate constipation. For a safe and effective method consider New Colon Sweep. This gentle laxative is all natural and safe for anyone to use.