An Alternative to Laxatives

Everyone knows you need a laxative to relieve constipation. But is there any harm in using those often harsh products on a regular basis and is there a simpler way to feel better? Especially if constipation is a chronic problem for you or the person suffering is in any way vulnerable, you may want to consider more natural, gentler solutions. Take a look at some of the people who may find that commercial laxatives are too harsh and dangerous for their systems.

  • pregnant women
  • people with chronic diseases or conditions
  • children and the elderly

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows things can get strange in a hurry. Hormone changes in the early stages of pregnancy can make going to the bathroom a challenge. In the later months, the pressure from the growing fetus often causes the colon and lower intestines to have a hard time releasing feces. Of course for the health of mother and baby, it is very important to be able to naturally void this waste. One of the laxative side effects a pregnant woman has to be aware of is that laxatives frequently cause diarrhea. Choosing a natural, less harsh laxative can help avoid possible dehydration and other complications.

It is no secret that people with heart disease or diabetes have to be more careful about everything. Foods they eat, the amount of exercise they get, and the types of over the counter laxative medicine they use could negatively impact their overall health. People in this situation also have to be cautious of any potential drug interaction. It may be easier and safer to choose a natural method to relieve constipation or make essential changes to their diet to help the colon do its job.

As so often happens, children and elderly are at risk for all kinds of negative effects from laxative products use. The harsh chemicals that are used in these products can create havoc on delicate systems. Dehydration and chemical allergy are just two of the possible risks to the very young and the elderly. Once again, there are natural means that may serve the purpose much better.

Even if you don’t fall into one of the above categories, it is a good idea to take care of your constipation problem through natural methods. New Colon Sweep is designed to do just that. This laxative alternative treatment can effectively and safely relieve the symptoms of constipation for anyone. A natural laxative does its job gently and without the uncomfortable side effects that are often found with commercial laxatives.