Herbal Laxatives For Constipation

In this age of people getting away from traditional medical treatments and turning back to natural remedies, many are using an herbal laxative to help with their constipation problems. This is a positive trend as long term use of commercial laxatives can be hard on the lower digestive tract and harmful to your overall health. If you are considering an herbal laxative, there are many different types you can try. One is sure to be right for you.

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Herbal laxative teas are very beneficial. You have the advantage of gently helping the colon and lower digestive system along without adding harsh chemicals to your body. Plant extracts are usually very healthy and contain natural laxatives. It is important to remember when using teas to relieve constipation symptoms to make sure you use the correct amount of herbs to water ratio. You don’t want to overdo it on some of the stronger herbs. Another benefit to herbal teas is that it is very relaxing to sip on a hot cup of tea at the end of the day as opposed to taking a pill or liquid laxative. Stress is thought to have an impact on constipation, so you are doing yourself a favor by taking the time to unwind.

The best laxatives are the ones that actually do as they claim and are not in any way harmful to the body or colon. Herbal laxatives can give you that peace of mind. With this type of treatment you are able to avoid potentially embarrassing situations. Commercial laxatives have been known to cause cases of diarrhea. Everyone knows that Murphy’s Law dictates it will happen at the worst possible moment – maybe during an important business meeting or in the middle of a meeting with your child’s teacher.

Anyone with children knows that they are notorious for waiting until the last second to go to the bathroom. Who can blame them? With all of that fun playing going on, they don’t want to stop for such a mundane thing as a bowel movement. The bad part is it can lead to constipation. It’s true that there are laxatives for children on the market. Many of them are just as strong as adult marketed laxatives. It is important to protect a child’s system from such harsh products. Herbal laxatives are perfect for safely helping a child through their constipation symptoms.

As a child laxative or gentle laxative for an adult, New Colon Sweep is a step in the right direction in terms of herbal laxatives. When using laxatives correctly, it’s only a matter of time until you are feeling better.