The Effects of Laxative Abuse

It seems like anything can be used as for an unhealthy purpose. Laxative abuse is certainly a concern for many people. There are many hazards to the practice of laxative overuse. For a product designed to help with the unpleasant symptoms of constipation, it has received a bad rap from many health care professionals due to the abusive ways some people have chosen to use them. Take a look at some of the most common ways that laxatives are abused and the risk these usages pose to a person’s health.

  • bulimia and laxatives
  • other eating disorders and laxatives
  • long term use of laxatives

Many people are familiar with bulimia. This is the disease in which the sufferer will eat large quantities of food and then proceed to eliminate it from their bodies before anything can be absorbed. Most of the time, causing vomiting does this. Bulimia is a serious disease that can cause damage to the esophagus, malnutrition, and in extreme cases, death. At some point, people with bulimia realized that using laxatives could help rid their bodies of the food quickly as well. In addition to the damage done to the body by a lack of calories and nutrients, this practice is also incredibly harmful to the colon.

Another eating disorder in which sufferers often employ laxative use as a weight loss remedy is anorexia. Patients use laxatives as a way to eliminate food from their bodies quickly. Of course in anorexia, the person probably doesn’t eat every often anyway. It’s a common misconception that people with a weight problem don’t try to use laxatives to lose weight. Being overweight is just as serious a problem as the other eating disorders. An overweight person may try to lose weight quickly using laxatives. The potentially harmful side effects laxative abuse causes isn’t worth the price of short term weight loss.

When a person chooses commercial laxatives for a long term constipation problem, the product can eventually cause some serious repercussions. The colon and lower digestive tract will ultimately stop working without the use of laxatives. You also run the risk of permanent damage to the colon. Some people have even stopped feeling the urge to use the bathroom. That event only makes the constipation worse. It is very important to use an all natural laxative to prevent these things from happening.

Laxative abuse should be avoided at all costs. If you know someone who uses these products in an unhealthy way encourage them to seek help. For legitimate constipation relief, consider New Colon Sweep as a healthy alternative. Many people find a lot of success with herbal laxative use.