The Different Bulk Forming Laxatives

There is no doubt that there are many different types of laxatives. It isn’t a matter of just walking into a store and purchasing the first one you see. For educational purposes, let’s take a look at the bulk forming laxatives. These are the products that use fiber to help you move your bowels and find relief from the symptoms of constipation. Like any other treatment for any condition, different methods work better for different people. Before you spend your money, here’s a chance to make sure a bulk forming laxative will be useful for you.

  • methylcellulose
  • isapaqhula
  • calcium polycarbophil
  • guar gum

That list looks like something out of a chemistry book, doesn’t it? Anyway those are the four main types of laxatives in this category. Let’s take methylcellulose first. This product is semi synthetic, which means that it is part natural laxative fiber and part chemically based. It is not as likely as some of the others to be broken down by the colon before it can do its job and this treatment tends to cause less gas and bloating. While they are helpful, the effects of laxatives can sometimes leave much to be desired.

The next one on our list is isapaqhula. It is all natural and made from the ground husk of the ispaghula plant. While it is effective, it is important to make sure you drink a lot of water with this one. It naturally forms a gel when mixed with water. The extra water you drink will help ensure that it doesn’t cause a bowel obstruction. The key is to drink enough to keep the treatment liquid.

Moving on to calcium polycarbophil. As well as being resistant to bacterial assault, this type of treatment is completely synthetic. If you ever wondered what calcium and constipation have in common, you now have your answer.

Back to natural laxatives, we have guar gum. This traditional treatment for constipation features a soluble fiber from the Cyamopsis shrub. The fiber is extracted from the seed and many people prefer this all natural product.

As far as finding a good bulk forming laxative goes, it is up to what works best for you. Many people take a different route and rely on the all natural constipation product, New Colon Sweep for relief. While making your decision, don’t forget about the other types of laxative like herbal and stimulant laxatives.