Stimulant Laxatives

We spend a lot of time avoiding stimulants. Life is interesting enough without looking for more activity, most people would agree. There is one time in a person’s life when a stimulant may be a good thing. Of course we are talking about the need for stimulant laxatives. Constipation is certainly a time when stimulation is in order. However there are several different kinds of laxative stimulant products. It’s important to understand each one and the function they perform to make a good decision about if they are the right constipation remedy for you.

  • senna laxative
  • castor oil laxative
  • salt laxatives

Each version of stimulant laxatives has their own benefits and drawbacks as you will see. Let’s take the senna laxative option first. Senna laxatives are based from inactive glycosides that don’t have any effect on the body until they reach the large intestine and colon. At that time the idea is for the glycosides to promote positive active molecules and help the colon allow the feces to pass.

Odds are good you have heard of castor oil laxative before. This one has to be the most famous of all home made laxatives. Parents have tortured children for years with this all natural stimulant laxative. It is derived from the castor bean. Its only purpose is to stimulate the intestinal muscles. There is no doubt that it is effective, however the drawbacks are a challenge. This treatment for constipation often causes abdominal cramping and discomfort while it works. Gas and bloating aren’t uncommon either.

The salt stimulant laxatives work a little differently than the others. One of the most common ingredients used in this type is sodium picosulfate. The goal here is to stimulate the nerve endings in the colon. This causes strong contractions to occur. With all of that movement going on the colon is able to fully empty and that bout with constipation is over. One benefit of this treatment is that only the colon is affected. In order for Epsom salt laxative treatment to work the bacterial levels in the large intestine have to perfect.

Many people have found constipation elimination success with stimulant laxatives. You may want to take a gentler and more natural approach with New Colon Sweep. It is one of the most effective laxative products you can find and is safe for long term use.