A Colon Cleansing Kit May Just Save Your Life

The use of oxygen in a colon cleanser may not seem like a very big deal especially since the element is in every breath we take and drop of water that we drink.  To be perfectly accurate, many people really don’t care about colon cleansers to begin with as they are perceived as unnecessary by the majority of the public.  The indifference to colon cleansing products is surprising to many health professionals especially since the medical community has been trumpeting the many health benefits associated with keeping the bowels clean, including:

  • Reduced constipation problems
  • Increased energy levels
  • Lower probability of contracting colds, flu’s, and other illnesses
  • Decreased odds of heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease
  • Reduction in skin problems

However, despite these proven medical benefits and many more, many people don’t worry about the condition of their gastrointestinal tract unless they have constipation.  Even then, rather than performing a colon cleanse, many of us instead turn a laxative for relief from symptoms.  While laxatives can be habit-forming and cause a wide range of side effects that are dangerous to your health, they do tend to relieve constipation troubles which is why we continue using them.

Yet, while a laxative merely stimulates the muscles in the colon to push waste through the body and do nothing to prevent constipation problems from returning, we still cling to what we know rather than try something different.  A colon cleansing product, on the other hand, will actually help prevent constipation issues from forming because they address the underlying issue while also providing a host of medical benefits.  This is especially true with oxygenated colon cleansers because they help the body to help itself—naturally.

The entire gastrointestinal tract is filled with both good and bad bacteria.  The harmful bacteria do not fair well in well-oxygenated environments while the beneficial variety do.  These two types of microorganisms are constantly battling one another.  However, when the colon is clogged and filled with high levels of toxins and harmful bacteria, the beneficial variety do not fare well and the bowels tend to have low oxygen levels.

Conversely (and the reason why oxygenated colon cleansing products are preferred), when the colon is clean, the intestinal flora (beneficial variety) prevent the harmful bacteria from growing.  However, until a colon cleanse is performed and the dried feces is dissolved from the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, the levels of intestinal flora tend to be low.  This forces your immune system to then battle and control the harmful bacteria when they eventually spread to other systems in your body.

An immune system that is constantly at war with these harmful bacteria will become strained and it will not be as effective when trying to prevent infections and disease.  However, if you can give the intestinal flora a chance by using a colon cleansing product to remove the waste and reduce the levels of harmful bacteria—the immune system will not have to work as hard.  Thus, the colon cleansing kit that is best is one that helps the “good bugs” neutralize the “bad bugs”.  For this reason, the inclusion of oxygen in a colon cleanser helps you battle infection and disease even after the procedure has been completed.

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