Why Colon Cleanse Product May Not Be Effective

Using a colon cleanse product is supposed to help clean out the gastrointestinal tract, help remove toxins from the body, and prevent future constipation problems.  Some of us turn to bowel cleansers because we are having increasing problems with irregularity and the symptoms are continually becoming more severe.  While laxatives may sometimes help relieve the symptoms, they are merely masking the problem by inducing the muscles in the colon to push waste through our system without addressing why the constipation seems to be getting worse.  And truthfully, while a colon cleanser should remove concentrations of feces and undigested food that have accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract, there are times when even this ultimate constipation remedy fails—but why?

There are actually quite a few potential causes of constipation, including:

  • Recent travel or changes in diet
  • Dehydration
  • Taking a new medication that either controls muscle movements or causes dehydration
  • Drinking too much milk
  • Withholding a bowel movement
  • Stress

Using a colon cleansing program will not actually address all of these potential constipation causes but it will certainly eliminate accumulated waste (and reduce chances for blockages) and increase the overall effectiveness of your bowels and digestive system.  However, there are certain conditions and medical problems that also cause constipation and laxatives, enemas, and even colon cleansers will simply not be able to effectively relieve symptoms in any permanent manner.  Some of these conditions include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • MS
  • Diabetes

A bowel cleansing product may not be effective in eliminating constipation problems during pregnancy because they are caused by a hormone imbalance.  The production of estrogen helps regulate the muscles in the intestines and when levels spike, they slow the evacuation of waste.  An all natural colon cleanser will still help flush the gastrointestinal tract but it will not be able to do much about the hormone levels.  In addition, many times the medications given as part of prenatal care will cause evacuation problems so consult with your physician if irregularity problems arise after taking new medicine.

With both Parkinson’s Disease and MS, the brain loses the ability to properly regulate and control the muscles in the human body—including those in the colon and intestines.  Constipation is very common in both of these conditions due to the brain’s failure to properly regulate the colon.  Again, much as with pregnancy, constipation problems may persist after a fully effective bowel cleansing but it can still help remove toxins and reduce the odds of a blockage.

Finally, diabetes actually causes dehydration because the body uses more water trying to properly control blood sugar spikes with insulin.  Dehydration is a common source of constipation problems and a colon cleanser will not be able to eliminate those problems but it will improve overall health by removing toxins and lowering bacteria levels by eliminating concentrations of feces clinging to the walls of the colon.

Indeed, there are times and conditions where a colon cleanse product simply cannot prevent constipation problems but it is still beneficial because it can improve health in other ways such as the removal of toxins, bacteria, and concentrations of dried feces.

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