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Natural Remedies for Constipation

In our highly commercialized world, we are pretty much convinced that the only way to treat a problem is by a trip to the store. In a lot of cases, the natural remedies for constipation are being ignored and many people are relying on over the counter treatments. This is an error when you consider  … Read more

Ways to Prevent Constipation

In recent years the medical community is releasing more and more information about IBS with constipation. This is great news for anyone who suffers from the effects of this chronic condition. The more that is known about the causes, effects, and ways to treat IBS, the better the quality of life will be for sufferers.  … Read more

What Causes Constipation?

For most people constipation is a short lived situation that was brought on by eating poorly or a temporary stressful situation. For others the causes of constipation are more long term and involve more serious issues with the colon and lower digestive tract. Regardless of the cause, constipation is an unpleasant condition to deal with  … Read more

Natural Constipation Treatments

Most people avoid talking about it, but thousands suffer frequently from constipation. Many of the over the counter products designed to help with this condition cause unpleasant side effects and over the years, people have come up with their own natural constipation treatments. In many cases regulating the frequency of bowel movements in a natural  … Read more

Constipation Remedy for the Elderly

The elderly are particularly prone to constipation, yet the only constipation remedy that is prescribed for the elderly in most cases is a laxative. It is estimated that 26% of elderly men and 34% of elderly women suffer from constipation. Many of the elderly are already on prescription medications, some of which are known as  … Read more

Constipation Natural Relief Methods

Natural healing should be gentle and effective, even with constipation natural relief methods. Natural healing works on the ideology that the body has a natural blueprint for health. All you have to do is figure out how to support that blueprint and watch it blossom in your own life. This can mean eliminating particular stressors  … Read more

Treat Constipation and Lighten Your Load

There is growing evidence from natural healing sources that if you treat constipation you can lessen the incidence of depression. The U.S. Department of Health estimates that about 15% of Americans experience major depression at one point in their life or another. It has been noticed that along with depression many of the same patients  … Read more

Clear Colon Clutter and Prevent Constipation

People know all about spring cleaning and de-cluttering their homes, but few people understand the importance of a clearing their colons to prevent constipation. The concept, though, is exactly the same thing. When you bring new items into your home, they build up and create clutter. If you don’t spring clean and open the doors  … Read more

Why You Need to Cure Constipation

There are a lot of theories on what causes constipation. Some of the simplest explanations are often the most sound. Of course there are disorders and diseases of the colon and digestive tract that can make painful bowel movements a part of life. Even when the problem is a disorder and not an environmental problem,  … Read more

Natural Constipation Advice For The Weary

One of the simplest natural constipation treatments is a colon cleanse, and it’s extremely effective. While there are many different versions of a colon cleanse, the aim is to remove old fecal material and parasites from the intestinal tract to lighten the body and renew its ability to support all the organs in the body.  … Read more