Natural Remedies for Constipation

In our highly commercialized world, we are pretty much convinced that the only way to treat a problem is by a trip to the store. In a lot of cases, the natural remedies for constipation are being ignored and many people are relying on over the counter treatments. This is an error when you consider that by handling the problem using natural means you are treating your body more gently and effectively without the bothersome side effects that force your body into an unnatural state. If you suffer from constipation here are a few things you can try before heading to the drug store.

  • prunes and natural laxatives
  • increased natural fiber
  • physical activity

Contrary to popular belief, nature provides us with just about everything we need to be healthy and strong. This also applies to the digestive tract health. Certain foods are wonderful agents for regulating bowel movements and keeping the colon clear of harmful bacteria. Prunes are one example of this. Generations of people have used prunes to reverse the effects of constipation. Apple, pear, and cranberry juices all can help move things along and the acidity in these juices also helps balance the bacteria that are found normally in our bodies, particularly in the lower intestines and colon.

There is a very good reason why you keep hearing about fiber and whole grain products in the news and other sources. Natural fiber helps the body eliminate unnecessary fat from the digestive tract and ensure the smooth function of the colon. You can find healthy fiber in whole wheat pastas, natural grain breads, and many delicious fruits and vegetables. Unlike the fiber supplements found on store shelves, fiber in this form is gentle for your system. Of course another benefit is that it tastes much better than a powder added to water or food.

Exercise and physical activity is good for the body in so many different ways. As a natural remedy for constipation, it helps to improve the performance of the muscles of the digestive tract and ensure a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the strain on the colon and makes it easier for that organ to function properly.

Before you waste your money on lab created products, consider trying one or all of the natural remedies for constipation first. New Colon Sweep is an all natural product designed to cleanse and detox this delicate area. You don’t need a lot of unnatural additives to treat constipation.

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