Constipation Remedy for the Elderly

The elderly are particularly prone to constipation, yet the only constipation remedy that is prescribed for the elderly in most cases is a laxative. It is estimated that 26% of elderly men and 34% of elderly women suffer from constipation. Many of the elderly are already on prescription medications, some of which are known as a constipation cause. Relieving constipation in the elderly is a very important issue, but one that is rarely properly addressed. In one study entitled “Prescribing patterns observed in registered nursing homes and long-stay geriatric wards,” it was estimated that 75% of elderly hospitalized patients were prescribed laxatives to regulate their bowels. Yet, long-term laxative use is known to cause more constipation. So, are there better constipation solutions for the elderly?

If you are caring for an elderly person at home, just being aware that this segment of the population is prone to constipation can help you find some good solutions to constipation problems your loved one may be experiencing. Instead of running to the nearest pharmacists for more laxatives, think about reviewing the medications that your loved on is on. There are approximately 1744 drug listings on that suggest they are all linked to constipation. With so many drugs causing constipation as a side-effect, it may be one place you want to target immediately. Besides finding a great constipation remedy, think about eliminating the stressors that might be aggravating the situation. NewColonSweep is one natural medication that isn’t going to have more constipation as a side-effect.

The lack of exercise and improper hydration are also leading causes of constipation. The elderly tend to have dryer skin and may need to have someone remind them to drink plenty of water. If you need to buy a humidifier for their room it can be a novel constipation remedy for the elderly. This is a simple way to not only improve their skin problems, but also keep them from getting too dehydrated during the winter. This can have an impact on their constipation problems.

Unfortunately, constipation in the elderly can also cause:

  • Back pain constipation
  • Constipation weight gain
  • Hemorrhoids and constipation

After looking at the environment, seek to add a real constipation remedy like an herbal colon cleanse, like NewColonSweep. It is just a pill that is easily taken which helps to aerate the intestine, kill parasites, and soften the stools. Treating constipation in the elderly can be a little more complex due to the number of medications they are taking and the limited mobility of this age group. Don’t let that stop you from trying an herbal colon cleanse like NewColonSweep and get rid of the laxatives.

Try New Colon Sweep today and discover how natural, safe, gentle and effective chronic constipation relief can be.