Why Natural Colon Cleansing May Save Your Life

Most of us will not consider using a colon cleanser unless there is some dire situation involving acute constipation.  Many times, a bowel cleanser must be recommended by a physician before a person will consider using such a product. And yet, most of us will readily take a laxative when constipation arises even though they may be far more harmful than most colon cleanse products.  A good colon cleanse is periodically necessary to keep the gastrointestinal tract clear and may be able to help prevent colon cancer and septicemia, both of which are potentially fatal.

Laxatives are usually made from stimulants.  While these may stimulate the colon and force a bowel movement, they can also be habit-forming and cause serious side-effects, such as:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration

In addition, laxatives may also cause permanent nerve damage to the muscles in the colon.  When taken for prolonged periods, laxatives will become necessary to bowel movements as the muscles atrophy within the colon.  Periodic use of a bowel cleanser can help prevent fecal compactions which can cause constipation problems and thus eliminate the need for using laxatives.

Fecal compactions occur because there are times when the digestive system produces waste faster than it can eliminate it from the body.  Waste then accumulates in the colon and some of it will become attached to the walls of the colon and large intestines.  When the digestive system can process food quickly and evacuate the waste in a timely manner, the body can sometimes eliminate some of the accumulated waste.

Colon cleansers are usually the only way to eliminate the accumulated waste, however.  Because there is a constant movement of waste along the gastrointestinal tract, the feces will become compacted and harden.  Layer after layer of compacted waste will accumulate along the walls of the colon.  As each layer hardens, another layer begins to form. Fecal compactions usually form at the point where the large intestines and bowel meet.  This is a common source of constipation problems and best treated with a natural colon cleanse product.

When a fecal compaction does lead to chronic constipation problems and remains untreated, waste begins to accumulate within the body.  If the condition is not resolved with a thorough bowel cleansing, the toxins and harmful bacteria within the waste will begin to reabsorb into the blood stream.  At the very least, this will begin to strain the immune system and lower white blood cell count.  This will leave you more susceptible to infections and disease.

If a bowel cleanser is not used to resolve the chronic constipation, the bacteria count will soar and cause septicemia, a potentially fatal condition.  In addition, toxins and bacteria will cause damage to the colon.  Chronic constipation problems have been associated with elevated chances of colon cancer. Periodic use of a colon cleanser will dissolve the accumulated waste along the walls of the colon and decrease chances of fecal compaction, a primary cause of chronic constipation problems, and thus very well save your life by lowering chances of septicemia and colon cancer.

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