Troubles with Severe Constipation

Severe constipation may not be something we are all familiar with but we all have had some difficulty with a bowel movement every now and again.  It may be due to some changes in the diet or perhaps just not drinking enough water for a couple of days.  The truth is, minor constipation is unavoidable and the symptoms are usually mild enough not to warrant medical attention.  But when severe constipation strikes, the symptoms can seem unbearable and relief is the only thing on our minds.

Abdominal pain in cases of severe constipation mean not only having extreme discomfort while attempting a bowel movement—but also when you are not!  This is because the severe cramping sensation felt during severe constipation is caused by the abdomen being pressured by compacted feces.  A fecal impaction is often the source of troubles with severe constipation.

When a fecal impaction does develop to cause a blockage, it usually does so where the large intestines and rectum meet.  This is a narrow cavity in the gastrointestinal tract and a common place for problems with severe constipation to originate.  New waste cannot get past the blockage so it begins to pile up and cause pressure.

The longer the blockage, the greater the pressure, the acute and painful the abdominal pain will become.  Unless the blockage is removed, the pain will continue to intensify and it may lead to bacteria and toxins being reabsorbed by the blood stream.  A colonic irrigation is usually performed by a doctor or health care professional in cases of severe blockages.  A colon cleansing may be self-adminstered and will also remove any blockages caused by a fecal impaction.  The added benefit of using a colon cleanser is that it will also remove any fecal matter clinging to the sides of your intestines and colon.

Other severe constipation symptoms may include:  nausea, loss of appetite, and a general malaise or loss of energy.  When it becomes particularly difficult to pass hard or dry stool, severe constipation can even lead to hemorrhoids or anal fissures (tiny lacerations in the anal tissue that can lead to exposed nerves and even more pain when trying to pass stool).  While these problems should disappear within a few days of the constipation going away, they can still be very painful and embarrassing to treat and deal with while going about your normal life.

A lifestyle that includes a balanced diet rich in fiber, plenty of fluids, and daily exercise is often the best long-term solution for preventing severe constipation.  However, those of us already suffering from the condtion should use a colon cleanser to help remove the blockage causing the problems.  Just be sure to use a colon cleanser made from all natural ingredients because those made from chemicals may cause harmful side effects and further health problems.

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