Helping with Child Constipation

There’s no doubt about it, parenthood is frustrating. There are few things more upsetting than seeing child constipation first hand. Once a little one figures out that it is painful to eliminate waste, they will avoid it and make the problem worse. In their minds it makes sense to avoid what is causing them pain without realizing they are only making the problem last longer. Fortunately there are some things you can do to safely help solve the constipation problem.

  • increase fluids
  • limit constipating foods and increase fiber
  • encourage regular restroom visits

Kids are notorious for being too busy to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. All of these traits can contribute to a young one having a hard time going. To prevent or help reduce constipation in your child, make sure they are drinking enough fluid. Be cautious with milk intake since an abundance of milk and dairy products can stop up the works so to speak. A school age child should have no more than 16 ounces of milk daily. Supplement their needs with water and fruit juices. Keeping the child well hydrated is a great way to treat constipation and have them back to normal.

If you were to put a slice of cheese and a bran muffin in front of a child, odds are really good they would take the cheese. Dairy is important for a child’s growth and development, but too much of a good thing is hard on their digestive systems. Encourage your little one to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible especially when constipation is a problem. Try adding applesauce or raisins to your favorite bran muffin recipe to make it more kid friendly. Oatmeal can be made more appealing too. Add some peanut butter to the mixture along with brown sugar and cinnamon. Call it peanut butter cookie oatmeal, the name alone will be enough to at least get them to try it.

Remember talking about how a constipated child will avoid using the bathroom when they are constipated? If the child is old enough explain how important it is to attempt having a bowel movement. Explain that it won’t get better if the body doesn’t have a chance to eliminate the waste. With younger children it may be more effective to read to them while they are on the toilet or use some other distraction tactic to encourage them to sit at least for a few minutes. Be prepared for resistance and try to stay patient.

With child constipation, it is important to not overload their little bodies with a bunch of harsh treatments. Consider using New Colon Sweep as a safe alternative. In treating constipation, natural methods are often the safest and most effective.

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