Constipation Help: Is It Time To Get Some

Constipation is a difficult condition to define as it can include any of the following symptoms:  infrequent bowel movements, difficulty and perhaps even pain with bowel movements, and hard or dry stool.  In most cases, constipation help is not sought because there are so many common factors that can cause the problem, such as: poor diet, travel, little to no physical activity, reaction to new medication, or perhaps a hormone imbalance or blockage in the gastrointestinal tract.  Because there are so many variations of constipation and even more potential causes, those of us seeking constipation help may feel like it would just be easier to let the problem go away on its own.

Even if that were true, the fact remains that deadly toxins and harmful bacteria are lingering in your body until you either seek constipation help or the problem truly does simply disappear.  If waste is piling up in your body and you insist upon not seeking constipation help, the more toxins and bacteria will be reabsorbed by your blood stream and the more likely it becomes that an even more serious medical condition will arise.

Of course, it really is a question of when to seek constipation help from a doctor and when to handle the problem on your own or simply allow it to take care of itself.  A good thing to remember is that any time constipation is chronic or you go 2-3 days past your normal bowel movement, it is time to see a doctor.  Now it may only require some modification to your diet and a mild laxative, but you may also need the constipation help of a colonic hydration or something equally invasive and severe.

You should not require constipation help from a doctor if the condition is infrequent and only tends to last for a day or tw..  If you have not had a bowel movement in a couple of days and it is causing some minor discomfort or pain during attempted bowel movements, then a simple laxative should fix the problem.  However, try to find mild laxatives made from all natural ingredients as they are less likely to cause side effects or be habit forming like those made with stimulants or other harmful chemicals.

Short term constipation relief is great but long term prevention is better.  In addition to a proper diet rich in fiber and drinking plenty of fluids, a person would benefit from a colon cleansing at regular intervals to keep the gastrointestinal tract clean and regular.  Constipation help will most likely not be needed when you have a proper diet and clean out the colon once in awhile.  As with the laxatives, try to find a colon cleanser made from all natural ingredients as it will be less likely to cause harmful side effects like a product made from harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

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