Effective Colon Cleansing Program Can Extend Life

Most of us prefer to use laxatives when constipation problems occur rather than using a colon cleanse program that may be able to prevent them from occurring.  While there may indeed by a long list of medical benefits associated with the use of colon cleanse products, the fact is that most of us only have sporadic bouts of constipation.  Thus, since we tend to have normal bowel movements, there seems little point is using some “ultimate colon cleanse” product that is unfamiliar to us in order to prevent a problem that is rare and relatively harmless.

However, short term constipation problems are certainly not the only reason to go out and buy some colon cleanse kit.  However, irregularity does lead to a build-up of feces in your colon—some of which may stick to the sides of the colon and dry before a bowel movement is possible.

When stool cannot be evacuated normally there is the possibility that the harmful bacteria and toxins present in our waste will reenter the bloodstream.  These dangerous agents will further degrade the digestive system and other organs in the body and ultimately slow down the digestive process.   What began as temporary discomfort may become chronic and ultimately lead to severe constipation if you fail to use a colon cleanse kit at regular intervals.  However, as problems with chronic constipation often arise slowly, we continue taking laxatives when we really need a colon cleanser.  If we fail to colon cleanse, be prepared for some of the primary symptoms of chronic constipation including:

  • Acute abdominal and lower back pain—especially while trying to pass stool but they may occur even when not having a bowel movement
  • Blood may appear in stool due to the anal fissures and hemorrhoids.  These problems tend to occur because feces will harden and be very difficult to pass when they left in the colon for too long
  • Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite
  • Build-up of free radicals in the body

Free radicals are formed by a process known as oxidation.  The rate of oxidation increases in cases of severe constipation because undigested food and stagnant solid waste in the bowels produces toxins that cause cellular damage when they are reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  If these undigested foods cannot be eliminated during a normal bowel movement, they produce toxins as they rot and decay in our body.  The toxins will be absorbed into the blood stream and lead to increased oxidation—which produces free radicals.  Problems associated with free radicals are:

  • Odds of developing heart disease increase
  • Higher levels of cholesterol
  • Gastrointestinal troubles beyond simple constipation, such IBS or the formation of divertica (pockets that form on the walls of the colon that may trap feces and lead to severe infections that have been known to cause death
  • Poor eyesight

Colon cleansing detox programs will not only help prevent constipation, they will literally improve your overall health as well if performed at regular intervals.  In fact, because an effective colon cleanse program will lower levels of free radicals, it is very possible that you may extend your life as well.

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