Why Colon Constipation is Serious Health Issue

Many of us miskenly believe that colon constipation is not a serious health issue.  However, it is the colon that stores and ultimately evacuates the solid waste from your body unless colon constipation or some sort of blockage is causing problems.  When our body uses nutrients to make energy, waste is always produced.  The solid waste is passed into the colon while liquid waste is sent on to the bladder.  Pressure builds up the bladder and colon until it is time to evacuate the waste—at least when colon constipation isn’t causing a problem.

You must remove the toxins and waste from your body, period.  Colon constipation causes the waste to build up and gives the toxins and bacteria (present in feces) a chance to be reabsorbed by your blood stream.  Septicemia may result due to colon constipation and that means harmful bacteria have spread to all corners of the body and are now attacking multiple systems.

Diverticulitiis is a condition where herniated pockets begin forming in your colon.  The pockets will ultimately catch and trap feces.  In time, the feces will build up and lead to blockages and problems evacuating stool properly.  Colon constipation will result and ultimately could lead to bacteria and toxins being re-released back into the body.

Bowel movements may become infrequent or even stop altogether if colon constipation becomes severe enough.   At some point, the best way to relieve the colon constipation will be to flush or cleanse your colon.  A doctor may perform colon hydrotherapy, a procedure where water is used to cleanse the colon.  It is sometimes necessary to alleviate your colon constipation in this manner but should not be considered as a first option because it can be an unpleasant treatment option.

Laxatives are often used to relieve colon constipation but they can cause dehydration  and may become habit forming.  Plus, laxatives fail to actually cleanse the colon and may leave feces trapped in herniated pockets if diverticulitis is already preseent.  Enemas will flush out the colon but this may not end the colon constipation because the compaction may be at a point that is beyond the reach of a standard enema.

In order to really remove the causes of colon constipation, you need to flush the entire gastrointestinal tract:  the big and small intestines, the bowels, and the colon.  It is true that colon cleansers are very useful for cleaning the gastrointestinal tract but be wary of those made with harsh chemicals as they may cause dehydration or other harmful side effects.  Try to locatea colonic cleanser made with all natural ingredients as it will be less likely to cause side effects than one made with chemicals or synthetic products.  Colon constipation will not be an issue if you cleanse the gastrointestinal tract at regular intervals with an all natural colon cleanser and eat a diet rich in fiber while consuming plenty of fluids and getting daily exercise.

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