Constipation-Natural Times When it Occurs

Treating constipation with natural methods is a time honored tradition that spans many generations. Even if constipation isn’t a common problem for you, there are certain times in almost everyone’s life when you can guarantee that it will affect you at least for a little while. Having a good idea of when constipation may strike and what you can do about will make the experience a little less upsetting. Take a look at some of the more common constipation times and make sure you are prepared for the possibility.

  • pregnancy
  • high stress times
  • illness

Constipation doesn’t affect every pregnant woman or even every pregnancy, but it does happen a lot. Considering that it isn’t just you who would be affected by any mediations or treatments, pregnancy constipation requires true kid gloves. Experts believe the constipation during this time is related to hormone changes, weight of the baby on the intestines, and possibly dietary changes and lack of exercise. You should be eating well during pregnancy anyway, but adding more fiber and fruits and vegetables would help a lot with this common problem.

None of us really knows when stress is going to become overwhelming. It could show up in the form of a job promotion, divorce, or death in the family. Stress isn’t always necessarily the result of a bad event. When the body is under a great deal of stress, almost all systems are affected in one way or another. When it is related to constipation, you can try getting plenty of exercise and staying on your healthy diet. Meditation and relaxation techniques would be helpful as well.

Both minor and severe illness can lead to constipation. Some medications and treatments adversely affect the colon and lead to problems with bowel movements. Illness can also affect the frequency of bowel movements because of inactivity. If the illness is minor, like a common cold, things down there should get back to normal when you do. For more chronic conditions, your medical health care provider should be able to help you regulate the problem and find some relief.

When constipation occurs due to some type of life change, try gentle New Colon Sweep for relief. Constipation occurs during everyday life, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Take care of yourself and take the necessary steps back on the road to regularity. A natural constipation remedy is normally the safest and most effective.

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