Constipation Remedy Ideas

Over the generations, there have been all kinds of theories and constipation remedy ideas thought up. Some are not very effective, but others are as relevant today as they were in the years past. Before the days of huge chain pharmacies and a doctor on every corner, people were left to treat themselves. Constipation isn’t a new problem by any means. We could easily take a page from generations’ past book to find relief from constipation today.

  • herbal concoctions
  • oils
  • food changes

There are countless civilizations and cultures that have used herbal recipes to treat constipation. Everyone from ancient African cultures to Native Americans had their own ways to treat constipation. In what is now the U.S., Native Americans often boiled the bark of the willow tree to help regulate bowel movements among other purposes. While some of the customs of other people seem strange to us, many of these treatments are very effective and safe for people to use. Of course there are plants that aren’t safe to ingest, but by living naturally and close to nature, these people found the best treatments for constipation.

Mothers of many countries insisted that castor oil was the way to stay healthy and regulated. The thought was that the oil helped to coat the digestive tract and allow stool to pass more smoothly. Some areas are more known for employing fish oils in the same way. It is important to note that castor oil has an appalling scent and taste and generations of children avoided it at all costs. Fortunately there are less odoriferous ways to treat constipation. No scientific evidence ever stated that this form of treatment is effective, but thousands swear by its usefulness.

In addition to castor oil, many people suggest eating certain foods to get things moving again. Prunes are probably the biggest recommendation out there. This technique for constipation relief has some basis in truth. Doctors often suggest that their patients change their eating habits to reduce the effects of constipation. Getting enough fiber and other nutrients is very important for digestive health. Being properly hydrated is another way you can change your dietary habits to help with constipation.

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