Constipation During Pregnancy

While it is typically greeted with happiness and excitement, pregnancy is often an uncomfortable state of being. Nothing compounds the discomfort like constipation during pregnancy. The frustrating part is that you can’t just take the first constipation remedy on the drug store shelves; you have to be more careful about that tiny being currently residing inside you. That doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the situation as it is. There are ways to counter the constipation attack.

If constipation occurs in the first and second trimesters, it is probably a result of the hormonal increase of progesterone. This hormone has been known to slow the body’s absorption of food through the digestive tract. Things could get worse later in the pregnancy due to the growing uterus putting pressure on the colon and rectum. Keep some of these tips in mind as you navigate the course of a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

  • eat high fiber foods
  • watch fluid intake
  • safely exercise

Nothing works to cleanse the colon like fiber. You are already eating well for the benefit of you and the baby. All you need to do to help relieve constipation is add some wheat bran to your morning cereal. You won’t notice the difference, but your body will. Continue to munch away on those fruits and vegetables. They will help regulate your bowel movements as well. Whole grain breads and bran muffins are good sources of fiber too.

Like eating well, you know that fluid intake is important during pregnancy too. To help relieve the symptoms of constipation make sure you get the recommended amount of water each day. Most doctors suggest six to eight glasses each day. Add in a glass of fruit juice to help the process along too. Prune juice is a great way to get the bowels moving, but you could substitute your favorite kind.

In a normal, healthy pregnancy exercise is perfectly safe. This is especially true if you exercised before pregnancy. You don’t have to pretend to train for the Iron Man competition, just take regular walks or go swimming. The exercise will help stimulate the colon and hopefully provide you with some relief.

Constipation during pregnancy is never a good time. You can combat the symptoms of constipation by trying New Colon Sweep, an all natural product that employs oxygen and hydrogen elements to cleanse the colon. Constipation, gas, and discomfort are common in pregnancy, and now, there is something you can do about it.

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