Enema Colon Cleanse: The Best Constipation Remedy?

The very idea of an enema colon cleanse can be enough to send shivers up your spine.  Most of us are not keen on the idea of solving constipation problems using such a…..direct route.  Because an enema colon cleanse is administered rectally, many of us would either choose to wait until the constipation passes on its own (a very dangerous and unhealthy choice) or go with another less-invasive remedy such as a laxative.  Although the idea of an enema colon cleanse may be somewhat unsettling, is it still the best constipation remedy?

While we may not like the idea of even considering an enema colon cleanse, the truth is that constipation symptoms need to be addressed.  However, constipation problems are not generally a major cause for concern so long as they go away within a day or two.  But, when they persist for an extended period of time or recur often, more serious medical concerns may result.  This is because a delay of bowel movements can result in harmful anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria and toxins being reabsorbed into your body.

The immune system must then contend with these bacteria and toxins on top of the usual attacks upon the body from outside sources.  Chronic constipation will weaken the immune system to the point that fatigue, cancer, and even cardiovascular disease results.  So, if an enema colon cleanse is indeed the best constipation remedy, it would be worth knowing, right?

The fact is that an enema colon cleanse is definitely effective in treating constipation problems.  An enema is indeed administered rectally in order to facilitate an efficient cleaning of the colon and bowels.  Because an enema is used so close to the blockage, it often clears up constipation problems quickly.  However, the fact remains that an enema colon cleanse may clear up the current symptoms of constipation but it is not as effective at eliminating the underlying cause—feces and undigested food clinging to the sides of the gastrointestinal tract.

An enema colon cleanse will generally only effectively flush out the bottom 10-12 inches of the colon leaving the remainder of the gastrointestinal tract untreated.  Therefore, the potential for future blockages remains high with the exception of the bottom part of the colon.  In order to effectively prevent constipation problems caused by blockages and the medical problems that result, a colon cleanse treatment must clean the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Colon cleansers are more effective than enemas and do not have to be administered rectally.  By dissolving compacted feces and undigested food clinging to the walls of the digestive system, a colon cleanser not only removes any blockage causing constipation—it also prevents future blockages from occurring.  It is important to use colon cleansers made from all natural ingredients because those products using chemicals or other harsh agents may cause serious side effects.

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