Why All Colon Cleanse Products Are NOT Equal

There have been a flood of colon cleanse products to hit the market in recent years and many of them are marketed on the Internet—this is not by accident.  The fact is that constipation is a huge medical issue but it remains largely under diagnosed.  Part of the reason why patients do not consult with their physician when problems with irregularity arise is due to embarrassment.  The other large factor responsible for the widespread under diagnosis of constipation is the fact that the problem tends to be short-term in nature—by the time a person could get into to see the doctor there would be no problem.  Thus, people tend to handle things on their own and many are turning to colon cleansers as one possible solution.

However, constipation problems are caused by a wide range of factors, including:

  • Improper diet
  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes
  • Recent Travel
  • New Medication
  • Fecal Impaction

Unfortunately, with so many potential causes of constipation problems, there is no “ultimate solution”.  And yet—the vast majority of people who experience bowel irregularity turn to laxatives for relief.  Laxatives, however, are not truly colon cleansers and often do more damage than good especially when they are used frequently.  Not only are laxatives potentially habit forming, they often rely upon stimulants as the active ingredient.

While stimulants will force a bowel movement in most cases, they do not perform any real bowel cleansing function.  Thus, if a fecal impaction is the cause of the constipation problem, it is unlikely that laxatives will do anything more than provide a short term solution without addressing the underlying issue.  The constipation will disappear in the short term but will reappear with greater frequency the more severe the fecal impaction becomes.  Also, when laxatives are used in lieu of a natural colon cleansing product, the colon muscles will become damaged to the point that normal bowel movements cease to occur.  This bowel cleansing solution is often worse than the original problem and fails to clear the gastrointestinal tract of accumulated waste and toxins.

Colon hydrotherapy is another bowel cleansing alternative and it will certainly flush the entire system.  Commonly referred to as a colonic irrigation, this procedure must be performed by a healthcare professional.  While effective, colon hydrotherapy is both more expensive and invasive than other bowel cleansing alternatives.

All natural colon cleansers are actually the preferred products for removing dried and compacted feces from the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.  Not only will a bowel cleanser dissolve the accumulated waste, oxygenated products will help infuse the colon with beneficial oxygen that aids in the digestion process.  There are bowel cleansing options made with chemicals and other harsh ingredients but these colon cleanse products are likely to cause dehydration and other harmful side effects.

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