Hydro Colon Cleanse Procedure Effective, But No Picnic!

With all the buzz about the dramatic health benefits that can be obtained by keeping the bowels clear of compacted waste, some people may be thinking that a hydro colon cleanse is a good idea.  After all, if a typical colon cleansing product can typically remove the concentration of feces in the bowels in 7-10 days, then why wait when a “hydro” procedure can accomplish the same feat in a single setting?  Whether you choose to take the slow and steady route or the express lane to a cleaner gastrointestinal tract, the fact remains that there are a number of proven medical benefits that come from performing a colon cleanse, such as:

  • Fewer problems with constipation—the constant addition of dried and compacted sheets of feces will ultimately shrink the inner passage in the colon.  As this passage becomes narrower, it takes longer for waste to be evacuated and there are increased chances for constipation problems to occur.  A colon cleanse kit or procedure can reduce the chances for the formation of blockages and thus make constipation symptoms less likely.
  • Lower risk for heart disease—because feces is filled with toxins, it is important to evacuate stool quickly.  When constipation occurs, the toxins within human waste may become reabsorbed into the bloodstream and increase the rate of oxidation in the body.  Oxidation leads to the formation of free radicals which have been linked to increased chances of heart disease so it is definitely a smart move to prevent constipation and the formation of free radicals by using colon cleansing products or procedures.
  • Reduced odds of contracting illness/disease—feces is also a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and as with toxins—they will enter the bloodstream when waste is not evacuated in a timely manner.  Increases in bacteria populations within the body strain the immune system and make it more difficult to fight off infections attacking the body from outside.
  • Increased energy levels—one of the lesser known benefits of a colon cleanse procedure is the added energy one gains because the body is no longer fighting off elevated levels of bacteria or repairing damage to cells caused by toxins.

Whether using a colon cleansing enema or having a “hydro” procedure, there is no doubt that the elimination of feces build-up within the bowels has a number of health benefits.  However, while a “hydro” procedure (also known as a colonic irrigation) will quickly eliminate unwanted concentrations of waste and undigested food in the colon, the fact remains that a bowel cleanser is typically the better option.

A colonic irrigation must be performed by a medical professional and it is typically used only when extreme blockages threaten the health of a patient.  Both expensive and highly invasive, a colonic irrigation should probably be considered the colon cleanse option of last resort.  Although slower, colon cleansers made from all natural products will accomplish the same goal and improve health but they can be self-administered at for lower cost and physical discomfort.

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