Colon Cleansing and Enema Not the Same Product

Colon cleansing and the enema are entirely separate products but the majority of the public consider them to be the same product.  True colon cleansing products are created to help flush your gastrointestinal tract and help reduce bacteria and toxin levels.  When conducted properly, a colon cleanse will help prevent constipation problems caused by fecal impactions that typically form at the bottom of the large intestines and the top of the colon.  Enemas, however, are considered colon cleansing products but are typically used to relieve severe cases of constipation but are not as effective in preventing the condition.

One of the big reasons why enemas fail to be as capable as a bowel cleanser in preventing recurring constipation problems is because they do not completely flush the entire gastrointestinal tract.  Typically, an enema will only cleanse the bottom 8-10 inches of the colon which leaves the rest of the organ, along with the large intestines, completely untouched.  Thus, as fecal impactions tend to form at the bottom of the large intestines and the top of the colon, there is little an enema can do to prevent future constipation problems.

A true colon cleanser, on the other hand, will flush your entire gastrointestinal tract.  This means that a colon cleanse dissolves or removes all of the dried feces and undigested waste that sticks to the walls of the colon and large intestines.  This dried waste makes it easier for parasites to cling to the sides of the intestines meaning that enemas are not as effective when it comes to improving overall health as colon cleansers.

One of the biggest differences between a colon cleanse program and an enema is the method of administration.  Colon cleanse products can be taken orally without help and prove very effective.  Enemas, on the other hand, are prepared solutions that are delivered directly into the anal cavity and physically flush out the bottom part of the colon and typically require assistance to administer.  In many respects, an enema is like a mild form of colonic irrigation—without the high price and a little less invasive.

It is common in cases of severe child constipation for a doctor to administer an enema in order to control the amount of solution used during treatment.  Laxatives or stool softeners are both less effective and more difficult to monitor due to their oral administration.  Colon cleansers, however, are also delivered orally and are also rarely used on small children for the very same reason.

Colon cleansers are far more effective than enemas and will also help eradicate bacteria populations living in the bowels while helping to restore intestinal flora.  The benefits of intestinal flora (beneficial microorganisms) include:

  • Help control harmful bacteria populations
  • Will remove toxins from gastrointestinal tract
  • Aid in the digestive process thus reducing the odds of constipation

Thus, a colon cleanse product is an all-encompassing cleaning agent that will help prevent constipation problems before they occur by completely removing all compacted feces along the walls of the gastrointestinal tract and thus detoxifying the entire system.  Enemas, however, are better suited for relief of constipation symptoms once they appear and fail to completely cleanse or detoxify the bowels.  Thus, colon cleansing and enemas are very different products that are prescribed and used for very different purposes.

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