Top Herbal Colon Cleansing Secrets

Many of us have noticed the dramatic rise of products like herbal colon cleansing kits and other related detoxification systems—but are any of these items truly as beneficial to our health as they claim?  A thorough bowel cleansing on a periodic basis will help detoxify your system and will provide a number of health benefits down the road.

Unfortunately, unless instructed to do so by a physician, most people never bother with colon cleansers.  At best, the closest many will ever come to cleaning out the digestive tract is to take some laxatives due to some constipation problems.  Laxatives, enemas, and suppositories are all effective when it comes to relieving most cases of short term constipation but they are not great products when it comes to actually cleansing the colon and gastrointestinal tract.

The most effective bowel cleansing products are those that are specifically designed to remove accumulated waste and undigested foods from the gastrointestinal tract.  Unfortunately, a great many of these products are made from chemicals or other synthetic ingredients that can cause a wide range of harmful side effects, including:

  • Dehydration
  • Destruction of beneficial bacteria in colon and large intestines
  • Constipation problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin problems like acne or dry skin

For an effective yet gentle colon cleansing that will also provide a wide range of helpful benefits, herbal products are the best and will not cause the harmful side effects like those made with chemicals, stimulants, and other harsh ingredients.  Knowing the right ingredients makes it possible to perform your own home colon cleansing at a lower cost and with similar benefits as many of the bowel cleansing products already on the market.  The best herbal colon cleansers will gently flush the gastrointestinal tract while also having ingredients that are high in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are beneficial to the body because they help neutralize free radicals which are by-products of a natural process known as oxidation.  Free radicals cause a number of problems and dangers for our body because they are known to:

  • Increase chances for heart disease
  • Increase chances for liver disease
  • Contribute to decreased vision and poor eyesight
  • Cause gastrointestinal problems like excess flatulence, IBS, constipation and sporadic muscle spasms
  • Cell Damage
  • Premature Aging including severe wrinkling, dry skin, or acne

Bowel cleansers that are made with herbal ingredients are likely to be high in antioxidants.  In many cases, the roots of common plants and weeds are very high in these beneficial molecules while also being useful in bowel cleansing.  Some of these roots that are high in antioxidants include:

  • Black Radish Root—rich in Vitamin C so is useful in fighting intestinal infections and is known to aid in digestion
  • Barberry Root—will help maintain regularity, invigorate immune system, and remove toxins from digestive tract
  • Marshmellow Root—also rich in antioxidants and helps soothe nausea caused by constipation;  also helps remove toxins from digestive tract
  • Dandelion Root—mild laxative, rich in antioxidants, and acts as a blood cleanser as well as helping with the removal of toxins from digestive tract

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