Does Home Colon Cleansing Even Work?

A lot of people are surfing the Internet trying to understand if a home colon cleansing will be as effective as one prescribed by a physician.  The truth is that unless a patient is willing to undergo Colon Hydrotherapy (a colonic irrigation procedure performed by a healthcare professional at a designated facility), all bowel cleansing procedures are generally undertaken within the privacy of their own home anyway.  The only real problem for anyone is simply finding a colon cleanser that will be safe and effective when it comes to flushing out the gastrointestinal tract.

Bowel cleansers that are made from chemicals and other synthesized ingredients often prove very effective when it comes to dissolving accumulated waste and feces from the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.  Many of these chemically-produced bowel cleansers will even kill off the parasites and harmful bacteria that are often present in colons that have a high concentration of dried feces clinging to the walls.

The problem, however, with colon cleansers that use chemicals as their active ingredients is the fact that they tend to also kill off the beneficial bacteria alongside the harmful variety.  This is because these chemical bowel cleansers often have antibiotics in their formula and they do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria—they kill them all.  However, by killing off all intestinal flora, these chemically derived bowel cleansing products will actually slow digestion and leave the body less capable of defending itself.  In addition, these cleansers also are known to cause other harmful side effects such as dehydration and some skin problems.  While effective, chemically produced bowel cleansing products often cause more problems than they resolve.

A natural colon cleanser, on the other hand, will not cause the harmful side effects and many products will also dissolve the accumulated feces in the gastrointestinal tract.  However, many herbal colon cleansers are better suited for maintenance of a clear gastrointestinal tract—in other words, they are not as effective when it comes to dissolving the accumulated waste.  This is because the active ingredients in many herbal colon cleansing products are mild laxatives and not meant to clear away previously collected waste.

The best natural bowel cleansers will be oxygenated and contain ingredients that dissolve the compacted feces found in the intestines and colon.  Harmful bacteria do not thrive in well-oxygenated environments.  Colon cleansers need to remove the harmful bacteria while creating an environment where the beneficial bacteria can thrive because they will help keep the gastrointestinal tract clear and aid in digestion.  Therefore, the best home cleansing systems will provide the following:

  • Dissolve accumulated/dried feces
  • Kill or neutralize harmful bacteria
  • Provide oxygen to colon/intestines that help beneficial bacteria while creating an environment where harmful bacteria cannot thrive or reproduce
  • Be made from all natural ingredients so that harmful side effects like dehydration and skin problems are not issues

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