Colon Cleansing Product Comparisons May Surprise

Many people have jumped on the colon cleansing product bandwagon because of their effectiveness in helping to prevent constipation problems from occurring.  Constipation is generally defined as infrequent bowel movements or difficulty/pain when passing stool.  Constipation problems are the most frequently under diagnosed medical conditions largely due to their commonality and the fact that they tend to go away within two or three days on their own.  Common causes of short term bouts with constipation are:

  • New Medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Recent Change In Diet
  • Recent Travel
  • Withholding Bowel Movement
  • Dehydration

Chronic constipation or recurring bouts of the short term variety, however, are a far more serious matter and require immediate medical attention.  The colon cleansing product explosion is due to the fact that many people can avoid problems with chronic constipation by using an effective bowel cleanser.  This is because fecal impactions are a common source of constipation problems as they prevent the passing of stool beyond the point of blockage.

A person can usually tell when a fecal impaction is the cause of their chronic constipation symptoms because there will usually be a liquidy white discharge or even diarrhea—at least initially as fluid waste is the only thing that can get past the blockage.  Enemas are prepared with a number of active ingredients all in the effort to improve health plus colon cleanse the area thoroughly.  Unfortunately, this may not prevent future fecal impactions because only the bottom few inches of the colon are flushed.  Enemas are generally effective when treating short term constipation problems but laxatives tend to be a more popular option.

Another potential colon cleanse product is the laxative.  Without question, the laxative is the most popular short term constipation remedy and is very effective when stimulating the bowels to evacuate backed-up waste.  It is even quite common for laxatives to push through blockages and thus temporarily free up the passageway through the colon.  As a bowel cleanser, however, laxatives are not the best option for a number of reasons including side effects, such as:

  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme Flatulence
  • Dehydration

Laxatives generally use stimulants as the active ingredient and tend to be habit forming when used for extended periods of time.  Laxatives are ineffective bowel cleansers because they only stimulate the muscles in the colon.  When used for extended periods of time, laxatives will actually cause damage to the colon muscles to the point that normal bowel movements are impossible without a laxative beforehand.

For a thorough bowel cleansing, a colon cleanser made with all natural ingredients is the best option.  An all natural colon cleansing product will dissolve accumulated feces and undigested food that clings to the walls of the GI tract and thus reduce levels of harmful bacteria and toxins.  The best colon cleanse product is one that is oxygenated and thus not only reduces levels of harmful bacteria—it also helps restore the beneficial bacteria, called flora.

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