Going Herbal—Improved Health Plus Colon Cleanse

Using herbal remedies for improved health plus colon cleanse benefits is nothing new and has been practiced by almost every culture to some degree.  These natural bowel cleansers tend to be milder and take more time than some of the colon cleansers made from chemicals and synthetic products.  Even some of the bowel cleansers that do utilize chemicals or other harsh synthetic ingredients often contain herbs such as psyllium.  Herbal bowel cleansing products use a variety of ingredients, each with their own unique properties, such as:

  • Buckthorn Bark
  • Rhubarb
  • Fennel Seed
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Cayenne Pepper

Using a herbal bowel cleanser is a great idea to keep the gastrointestinal tract clear.  While they are not as effective as some all natural colon cleansers, herbal products are great because they prevent the accumulation of more waste in the colon.  However, herbal bowel cleansing products are not generally effective in removing the waste that has already concentrated and dried on the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.  After a more effective colon cleansing product has been used, a diet rich in the right herbs can prevent future waste from gathering along the walls of the colon and large intestines.

Buckthorn bark is a gentle bowel cleanser that is great for relief of short term constipation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures.  Acting as a natural stimulant, buckthorn bark will cause the muscles in the colon to contract and thus push waste through the system.  This amazing herbal bowel cleanser also draws water into the colon and thus soften stool.

Rhubarb is another natural colon cleanser that acts as a gentle laxative.  Rhubarb root is generally mixed in with most herbal bowel cleansing products because it helps with nausea while combining with more powerful herbs to cleanse the colon and large intestines.

Fennel seeds are often ground up into a powder and used in herbal bowel cleansers because they help to remove toxins and reduce spontaneous spasms in the intestines.  Fennel seed is sometimes included in herbal colon cleanse products as a parasite killer.

Raspberry leaf is actually used in many all natural colon cleansing products to counter the effects of the laxatives.  This is because raspberry leaf has a high tannin content which helps control inflammation in the intestines.  For this reason, raspberry leaf helps control diarrhea and counter the effects of the herbs that have a laxative effect.

Cayenne is another favorite in all natural bowel cleansers.  Cayenne pepper, like fennel seed, helps kill parasites naturally and will help restore populations of beneficial bacteria.  Another beneficial property of cayenne pepper in many herbal colon cleansers is its ability to ease abdominal pain, gas, and excess flatulence.

While not all herbs offer improved health plus colon cleanse benefits, there are a number that act as natural laxatives and perform a gentle bowel cleansing.  Including the right herbs in your diet is an excellent way to perform a continual natural bowel cleansing and thus prevent constipation problems from arising.

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