Different Types of Laxative Products

You probably won’t notice how many different types of laxative products there are to choose from until you need one. Then it seems like the store shelves literally explode with options. Especially in long lasting, severe cases of constipation, you may even feel the need to see a doctor, and the treatments just keep coming. In order to make the right decision for you it is helpful to know a little something about the common forms of laxatives.

  • over the counter laxatives
  • prescription laxatives
  • home remedy laxatives

Unless it becomes severe, most people don’t see a doctor for constipation, so over the counter laxatives are the most popular. Even within this category there are a lot of options. You could choose a fiber solution meant to be added to a beverage or food. Of course there are also the traditional liquid laxatives, like milk of magnesium. Over the counter laxatives come in liquids, tablets, and powder forms.

When it comes to prescription laxatives many of them are similar to the over the counter types except they are usually designed to be stronger. One type of prescription laxative is osmotic laxatives. Their purpose is to more fully hydrate the colon area and soften the stool so it can be passed. Two common forms of osmotic laxatives are lactulose and sorbitol. Sorbitol is useful especially in elderly patients as it works as effectively as lactulose at a fraction of the cost in people of this age group.

Second only to over the counter laxatives, home remedy laxatives are very popular as well. This method could be as simple as using natural foods as laxatives. Prunes and natural fibers are very effective for many people. Actually a healthy diet and adequate exercise are often enough to solve the problem. Castor oil treatments are another frequently used solution to constipation. The biggest drawback with this one is it often causes severe cramping.

There is no doubt that the various laxatives products can be confusing due to the sheer number of them. If you can’t get things moving as they should, it may be a good idea to seek medical help before making any more laxative decisions. New Colon Sweep is a great product to keep in mind. It is all natural and very gentle on the system. Using all natural products is often more effective than the over the counter laxatives