Constipation Laxatives

As with any product you use for your health, constipation laxatives should be reviewed carefully and you should know the potential side effects of any treatment before using it. People use a variety of different treatments to help bowel movements along and often they are safe and effective. However anything you ingest can have potential side effects. Here are a few of the laxative options available to you. Remember to research your options and make the best decision for you.

  • diet laxatives
  • bulk laxative
  • over the counter laxatives

With the potential danger of abusing laxatives, avoid any product that says diet laxative. There is no reason for a laxative to ever be used to lose weight. If you are suffering from constipation, the only weight you need to worry about losing is the stool not moving out of your colon. Using laxatives as a weight loss aid is a very dangerous practice. With that said, you can safely use your diet to speed along a bowel movement. Eating whole grain products, fruits, and vegetables is one to naturally stimulate the colon. This practice is definitely safe and very effective.

Bulk laxatives are medications that are usually prescribed by a doctor for treating constipation. They are available in synthetic forms, natural forms, and a combination of both. When you think bulk laxative, think fiber because that is the main ingredient in all forms of this kind of laxative. Guar gum and isapaqhula are both made from natural plant extracts, while methylcellulose and calcium polycarbophil are artificial fiber types.

Of course over the counter laxatives are the most popularly used laxative. They are readily available and often effective for short term use. Some people develop negative reactions to the effects of laxative. If used for too long of a time period, it is possible to damage the colon and digestive tract. If you find a too strong laxative, the repercussions could be explosive gas or diarrhea. You don’t want to trade in one set of problems for another, so any over the counter or prescribed laxative should be used according to instructions and for as short a time as possible.

Constipation laxatives aren’t really as complicated as they sound. You could make things easier on yourself and choose an all natural product like New Colon Sweep to help with your constipation symptoms. Laxative use is very beneficial when done safely and with all of the understanding necessary to effectively improve your colon health.