Right Constipation Diet Can Save You Lots of Discomfort

We all know that infrequent bowel movements are a fact of life which is why many consider a constipation diet to be a waste of time.  While all of us have experienced the minor discomfort of short term constipation, it would be almost unbearable to imagine the pain and aggravation of chronic constipation. Many constipation remedies such as laxatives or perhaps even enemas fail to put an end to the suffering of a truly chronic case of constipation.  For many of us, the best and most effective remedy for the condition is to set down and follow an effective constipation diet.

A constipation diet is often the only lasting remedy for a chronic case because it was poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle responsible for the condition in the first place.  While short term constipation may arise for a number of temporary reasons such as medication side effect or dehydration, prolonged nutrition imbalance is often responsible for the problem.

Adding fiber to the constipation diet is a critical first step.  Fiber naturally cleanses the colon and can help ensure it remains free from blockages.  But, when a blockage already exists, the fiber will not be as effective in treating an acute problem.  Fiber may keep the center of the intestines or colon clear, but it has little effect on the feces and waste clinging to the sides.

Although a constipation diet can aid in prevent blockages from forming, it is not as effective when dealing with preexisting conditions.  Sadly, most think about including fiber in the constipation diet only after the problem exists.  But, a constipation diet rich in fiber is the best way to remain regular and prevent symptoms and infrequent bowel movements from recurring.

Including as many all natural sources of fiber as possible in the constipation diet is a great idea and preferred to supplements.  Cereals and whole grain breads are great sources of fiber but so are fruits such as apples, apricots or prunes.  Vegetables like corn, pinto or kidney beans, and spinach will also help ensure regularity and provide you with excellent natural sources of fiber.  Adding natural sources of fiber into your constipation diet should not be difficult or painful—there are plenty to choose from!

Now while a fiber-rich constipation diet is a great thing to idea that will help prevent future problems, it will not address pre-existing blockages completely.  In some cases, as with blockages, the problem will have to be addressed immediately with some sort of treatment.

A colon cleanser can remove any compacted bowel left in your gastrointestinal tract and give your constipation diet the best chances for preventing future blockages.  It is important to use colon cleansers made from all-natural ingredients because products made with harsh chemicals can cause dehydration or other harmful side effects.  By using an all natural colon cleanser every few months and sticking to your constipation diet that is rich in fiber, you will be able to reduces your chances of having infrequent or painful bowel movements and lead a happier, more productive life in the process.

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