Constipation Treatment and Prevention

Why Laxatives Are Not Best Constipation Treatment Option
A simple and effective means of treating short term constipation is the laxative.  A laxative works by stimulating the gastrointestinal tract and initiating the Peristaltic action responsible for moving waste from your stomach, through the intestines and colon, and then through and out the rectum.  While laxatives will indeed provide constipation relief in most cases, their use can lead to larger issues than they are intended to solve.

Many laxatives are made with chemicals or stimulants which will provide constipation relief—but at a high cost to the body.

Employing harsh chemicals, these laxatives desensitize and ultimately enlarge the colon—this is how they stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.  But, there is a good reason why those with eating disorders such as anorexics use laxatives—because they are habit forming!  Given enough time and habitual use, the body will not be able to have a bowel movement unless a laxative is taken.  When people overuse laxatives it becomes necessary to retrain the colon to stimulate the Peristaltic action necessary for a natural bowel movement.

Common “over-the-counter” laxatives can be used for short term constipation relief but be aware that the following problems may arise from their continued use:

  1. habit forming
  2. damage to nerves in colon
  3. arrest Peristaltic action
  4. dehydration
  5. chemical side effects
  6. inability to have laxative-free bowel movement

The use of laxatives can not only be habit-forming, but they can mask the true nature of the problem.  The truth is that constipation is a minor concern for most people in most cases.  But it is also true that constipation can be deadly if it is not taken seriously.  The spread of bacteria and toxins through the blood stream can weaken your entire immune system and lead to septicemia, which can be fatal.

Indeed, make no mistake about it—constipation CAN be deadly!!  Using colon cleansers made from all natural ingredients at regular intervals will help keep the intestines and colon clean while helping to prevent future problems with constipation.  Any time chronic constipation is present, larger health issues may be involved that could prove fatal if not treated.

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