Constipation in a Child Requires Special Attention

Child constipation is a common problem for many of us while growing up and can be a considerable source of pain and suffering.  Loosely defined as having infrequent bowel movements or having pain or discomfort when passing stool. While there may not be many differences between the causes of adult and child constipation, there are some key emotional factors involved that may cause children to have constipation.

Believe it or not, child constipation can actually be caused by the emotional trauma of learning how to potty train.  None of us really remembers potty training or at best has only hazy memories of the time but it can be one of the first defining moments of our individuality.

For the first time, children must wait to have bowel movements or urinate when potty training.  The sudden attention is sometimes too much—after all—going to the bathroom used bo be a perfectly natural function that no one really seemed to notice until it was time to change the diaper.  Child constipation is a concern during potty training because children may withhold bowel movements because of stress and too much attention.

As many of us already know, delaying bowel movements can lead to adult or child constipation as well.  So, when a child delays a bowel movement for any reason during potty training, child constipation may be just around the corner.  Even when the child is ready to have a bowel movement it may simply not be possible.  Confused by the sudden attention and then the sudden development of child constipation and the pain associated with it, children may develop even greater stigmas about potty training.

Another big emotional cause of child constipation is using public restrooms, especially at school.  The pressures of a public bathroom can far exceed those caused by potty training.  The sudden audience can be a source of potential embarrassment for children and cause them to delay the bowel movement until they get home.  By then, child constipation may already be a problem and it the cycle may have already started.

Gentle stool softeners are often used to treat child constipation along with an increase of fiber to their diet.  Fiber is good in preventing both adult and child constipation because it softens the stool while also making it easier for it to pass through the gastrointestinal tract.  While it may be tempting to use a gentle laxative to treat the condition, parents are cautioned against this approach as laxatives often use stimulants to stimulate bowel movements which have been known to be habit forming.

With a little advice and encouragement, the emotional issues like embarrassment causing child constipation will fade with time and no permanent harm will be done.  Of course child constipation will still arise from time to time and require treatment.  Any medicine used to treat child constipation should be made with only natural ingredients because those products made with chemicals or stimulants may cause dependency or other serious side effects.  A colon cleanser made with all natural ingredients can both treat acute cases of constipation and remove any blockages—it can also flush the entire system and help ensure regularity in the future.

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