Constipation: Can Diet Alone Help?

While the most common form of treatment, laxatives are not the best way to avoid or treat constipation.  Although laxatives will stimulate the colon and help pass blocked stool, they may be habit forming and debilitate your body to the point that it is no longer able to have normal bowel movements on its own.  While laxatives may be useful in treating short term problems with constipation, they are not effective when trying to avoid constipation.  Unfortunately, while proper diet and lifestyle can help prevent problems, they cannot help avoid constipation altogether.

While not a miracle cure-all for, a diet high in fiber will definitely help you to avoid constipation problems most of the time.  Fiber is excellent for healthy bowel movements because it basically emerges from the digestion process unaffected.  Therefore, it can retain water which can be used to soften the stool and lessen straining during bowel movements.  Excessive straining during bowel movements may lead to bloody constipation as a result of hemorrhoids.

A diet high in fiber is also a beneficial and a great way to avoid constipation because it adds bulk to stool.  This allows the digestive system to push waste through the gastrointestinal tract to the rectum with less strain or effort.  This helps regulate bowel movements and is the principle reason why a diet rich in fiber is a great way to avoid constipation problems.

Fruits and vegetables are great in a diet designed to avoid constipation as they are excellent sources of fiber.  Fruits such as apples, apricots, and even prunes are all rich sources of fiber but it is important to eat the skins as well because they contain most of the fiber.

Whole grain breads are an excellent source of fiber as well and need to be included in any diet to avoid constipation.  Cereals made from whole grains are equally beneficial to your body and regularity.  Some other vegetables rich in fiber include:  spinach, corn, kidney and pinto beans, and barley.

Supplemental to any diet to avoid constipation is being certain to drink plenty of water each and every day.  Water is important because it helps soften stool which makes bowel movements easier.  Water is a natural purifier for your body and removes toxins as it passes through the body.  This includes the gastrointestinal tract which is very beneficial in the cause to avoid constipation because keeping the bowels clean will help prevent blockages and the constipation that blockages cause.

In addition to proper diet and hydration, keeping your gastrointestinal tract free from blockages will help avoid constipation as well.  A good cleanser will remove any compacted feces clinging to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract which is what causes blockages to form.  Just be certain to use a colon cleanser made from all natural products because those made from chemicals or synthetic products may cause side effects.

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