A Super Colon Cleanse?

When facing constipation, a “super” colon cleanse might seem like any product that eliminates the problem and helps restore normal bowel movements.  However, any effective colon cleanse treatment will remove blockages which cause constipation problems.  A super colon cleanse, on the other hand, will be oxygen based and therefore provide additional benefits to those with constipation symptoms so that future bowel problems can be avoided in the future.

So why is a super colon cleanse oxygen based?  Well, there two basic types of bacteria found in the human colon:  anaerobic and aerobic.  Anaerobic bacteria are harmful to your body and become reabsorbed into the blood stream when waste and feces are not evacuated in a timely manner from the body.  Anaerobic (without oxygen) bacteria thrive and breed very well in oxygen-free environments.  However, an oxygen based super colon cleanse will help destroy the harmful bacteria.  This is because anaerobic bacteria cannot survive or breed in an oxygen rich environment.

In a healthy digestive system, there is plenty of oxygen to keep the anaerobic bacteria at bay.  However, blockages and a digestive tract lined with feces clinging to the walls is not an oxygen rich environment.  In fact, the good bacteria (aerobic) cannot survive in an oxygen depleted environment.  The aerobic bacteria are essential to a healthy digestive system.  The fewer of these essential bacteria present in the digestive system, the more dysfunctional the entire process becomes.  Therefore, any super colon cleanse product that is oxygen based will nourish your beneficial aerobic bacteria while helping to kill the harmful variety.

There are a number of so-called “super” colon cleanse products available for you to choose when facing constipation.  While these colon cleansers may well eliminate blockages and remove the feces clinging to the walls of the digestive system, they also tend to remove the beneficial bacteria as well if they are not oxygen based.  This will simply make it easier for feces to cling to the walls in the future and lead to blockages (and more problems) in the near future.  Any truly super colon cleanse is oxygen based and will remove feces and harmful bacteria while nourishing the beneficial aerobic bacteria.

Of course, there are alternatives to a super colon cleanse such as laxatives or enemas.  Both alternatives will aid in the removal of blockages and therefore help restore normal bowel movements.  However, neither alternative to a super colon cleanse will remove the compacted feces clinging to the walls of the entire digestive tract—leaving the anaerobic bacteria intact and free to be reabsorbed by the blood stream where they may cause infection and drain the immune system.

A super colon cleanse is the best way to remove blockages while restoring the proper balance between anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.  Super colon cleanse products will therefore be oxygen based and also made from all natural ingredients.  Colon cleansers made from synthetic ingredients or narcotics can lead to serious side effects such as dehydration.

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