What is the Best Colon Cleanse Remedy

Finding the best colon cleanse remedy is not a concern for most of us.  Although constipation (defined as infrequent bowel movements or difficulty or pain when passing stool) is a common source of pain and irritation for millions, few consider a colon cleanse a viable solution to their problems.  Instead, most of us opt for a simpler constipation remedy such as a laxative for relief from symptoms.  However, finding the best colon cleanse remedy would not only help with constipation problems, it can also help contribute to an overall improvement of health while preventing further medical problems from developing in the future.

The best colon cleanse remedy is one that will clean out the entire gastrointestinal tract.  This is important because solid waste (feces) and undigested food collect and cling to the walls of the digestive system.  Naturally this causes a narrowing of the intestinal and colon walls and slows the transit of waste out of our bodies.  When years pass between thorough colon cleansings, the feces can compact along the walls to an alarming degree.  The best colon cleanse remedy will dissolve all the compacted feces and help prevent future blockages which can lead to chronic constipation problems down the road.

For a better idea as to why finding the best colon cleanse remedy is so important, consider that a normal colon weighs around 4 pounds—that is when feces are not lining its walls.  However, after years of poor diet and ignoring chronic constipation problems, your colon can literally end up weighing 40 pounds or more!  And yes, nearly all of that additional weight was caused by compacted feces and undigested waste.  For anyone who has been dieting without success, it is entirely possible that the best colon cleanse remedy could turn that trend around!

In addition to the possibility of removing pounds of compacted feces from your colon (and the rest of the gastrointestinal tract), the right colon cleanse treatment may very well help you regain some of the energy you seem to have lost over the years.  This is because feces and undigested food are filled with harmful bacteria and toxins.

When the body cannot properly evacuate all solid waste, these toxins and destructive bacteria will re-enter the blood stream.  The immune system is then forced to combat these constant threats along with any other pathogens looking to invade our bodies.  The continual strain caused by the bacteria and toxins present in the blood stream cannot help but drain the body and make us feel tired.  But, the best colon cleanse remedy will completely dissolve these compacted feces and undigested food so your body and immune system need not strain so hard in the future.

Indeed, is quite common for those with exceptionally clogged colons to notice a marked increase in energy and vitality after a solid colon cleansing.  Be sure to find a colon cleanser made from all natural ingredients because those made with chemicals may cause side effects like dehydration (a known and common cause of constipation).

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