Will Using Colon Cleanser and Weight Loss Go Hand-in-Hand?

People are naturally skeptical by nature which is why many of us may raise our eyebrows when hear that the use of a colon cleanser and weight loss go hand-in-hand.  Using simple logic and just guessing at the average weight of stool after a bowel movement would lead us to believe that using a colon cleanser might be able to shave off a pound or two at most, right?  Wrong.  In all reality, the average weight of stool during any bowel movement is utterly irrelevant and would not be counted as lost pounds due to the use of any colon cleanse product.

When thinking about the potential for weight loss from using a colon cleanser, the amount of discharge during a bowel movement does not matter for one simple reason:  because this is not what is flushed from your system.  Because of the high amount of animal fat, processed foods, and refined sugars in most our diets, the digestive system slows down.

If the process of digestion slows, then waste is not evacuated in a timely manner and undigested food collects in the bowels.  In turn, feces and undigested food will cling to the walls of your entire gastrointestinal tract and then dry—forming a layer of waste.  This cycle continues and hundreds of layers of waste may gather in a lifetime and every bowel movement helps compact the waste even further.

Now while every layer may only way a few grams, these tiny amounts add up when periodic colon cleansing procedures are not performed.  In fact, most adults over 40 have an estimated 10-15 pounds of dried and compacted feces in their colon and large intestines!!  But, using a colon cleanser is not about the short term loss of weight but it is clearly a great benefit.

Where the use of colon cleanse herbs or related products are concerned, the real benefit is derived from the lowered levels of toxins and bacteria in your body.  Increased levels of infection and cell damage occur when the body becomes inundated with these harmful elements.  As the layers continue to build along the walls (when a colon cleanse is not performed regularly), the pathway through the colon continues to narrow and constipation problems due to blockages become more likely.

When waste cannot be evacuated from the body, the toxins and bacteria present in all feces will spread to other organs and systems causing infection and cell damage.  Some of the medical problems that may arise due to the spreading toxins and bacteria are:

  • Candidasis—a yeast infection of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Diverticulosis—the formation of herniated pockets in colon that will trap feces and lead to infection and possibly death
  • Septicemia—a massive infection involving multiple organs and systems in the body
  • Weakened or strained immune system

Colon cleansing products will help you avoid these and many more health problems when they are performed regularly.  However, most people are indeed surprised by the fact that a colon cleanser and weight loss go hand-in-hand but the benefits that don’t show up on any scale are by far the best reason to keep the bowels clean.

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