Why Dual Action Colon Cleanse Products Are Better

A dual action colon cleanse product may seem like some elaborate waste when searching for something that will flush the bowels.  Many people are jumping on the “super colon cleanse” bandwagon because medical experts continue to find more and more evidence pointing to the health benefits derived from detoxifying the colon and gastrointestinal tract.  Some of the more compelling reasons given for using colon cleansers include:

  • Increased energy levels because an abundance of toxins and harmful bacteria in your body mean that the immune system and other organs in the body must work harder to repel infection and repair damage.  Colon cleanse products both remove toxins and bacteria while making constipation problems less likely because they flush the bowels and therefore reduce chances for blockages to form.
  • Lower chances of heart disease because toxins are known to increase oxidation rates along with levels of free radicals which are known to cause problems with your most vital organ when their levels become too high
  • The probability of having a stroke also decreases because free radicals also can cause blockages in the vessels within the brain.
  • Better concentration may seem like a stretch when thinking about the potential advantages of even the best colon cleanse products.  However, free radicals also cause damage to nerves and thus create problems with concentration, memory, and the ability to remain on a single task without interruption.
  • Fewer gastrointestinal problems such as Diverticulosis, Candidasis, Flatulence, or IBS. At the end of the day, free radicals cause damage at the cellular level and have even been known to damage DNA.  By lowering oxidation rates through the removal of compacted feces along the gastrointestinal tract, colon cleansers help lower toxin levels while also helping to prevent issues with constipation (which can also increase the level of toxins when stool cannot be evacuated in a timely manner).

All of the benefits listed above can be derived from periodic use of standard colon cleansing products.  To experience colon cleanse kits with dual action capacity, one needs to find a product that also helps restore intestinal flora.  When the colon and bowels become clogged with dried sheets of compacted feces, the levels of intestinal flora decrease while simultaneously increasing toxins and harmful bacteria populations.

However, intestinal flora will prevent harmful bacteria from breeding in the gastrointestinal tract while also helping in the removal of toxins—thus, the entire digestive system becomes more efficient and naturally decreases toxin levels and the probability of developing even short term problems with constipation.

Frankly, your body will always be filled with toxins and dangerous populations of bacteria—no matter how clean the bowels or the frequency in which you use a colon cleanser.  However, by reducing toxins and lowering oxidation rates and the production of free radicals, bowel cleansing products will improve your overall health.  Using dual action colon cleanse products is even better because they also help your body improve the performance of the entire digestive system while also helping to naturally control toxin and bacteria levels.

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