Detoxification and Colon Cleansing: The Truth Revealed

There has been a lot of talk in the medical community in recent years about the health benefits associated with detoxification and colon cleansing.   Much of the focus has been upon using bowel cleansing products to prevent severe to chronic constipation problems.  While infrequent bowel movements are very inconvenient and can cause considerable irritation, the real benefit derived from using a colon cleanse program is the reduction in toxicity to other systems in your body.  However, constipation problems certainly increase the levels of toxins and harmful bacteria in your system and this is why the medical community is so excited about the benefits of using an effective and safe colon cleansing kit.

Severe or chronic cases of constipation involve far larger issues than the painful and potentially debilitating symptoms.  Frankly, the trouble with being unable to evacuate stool from the body is due to the high levels of toxins and bacteria that are present in waste and what happens to them if they are not evacuated during a normal bowel movement.

When toxins and bacteria cannot be eliminated during a bowel movement, they become reabsorbed into the blood stream.  Where the bacteria are concerned, increased levels can cause elevated chances for infection and disease while also running down your entire immune system.  The increased level of toxins in your blood stream will increase the rate of oxidation in your body and thus lead to more free radicals.  There are a number of potential dangers presented by free radicals, including:

  • Increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Elevated risk of heart disease
  • Probability for stroke increases
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased chances for IBS and other gastrointestinal issues

Chronic constipation problems will lead to elevated levels of bacteria and free radicals in your system but a thorough bowel cleansing will reduce the odds of irregularity.  This is because a thorough colon cleanse program is designed to dissolve the coating of dried feces that has collected in the gastrointestinal tract over the years.  Constipation trouble often arises because of fecal impactions (blockages) which are more likely to form when the colon is clogged.  By eliminating the sheet of dried waste along the walls of the colon and large intestines, a colon cleanse kit reduces the likelihood of having constipation and thus ultimately helps detoxify your system by keeping bacteria and free radical levels low.

Many medical professionals tout the added benefits provided by a dual action colon cleanse product.  These specialized bowel cleansing products not only remove the layers of feces from the walls of the colon, they also have special enzymes that help promote intestinal flora.  These beneficial organisms also help lower toxin levels in your body while helping to control the harmful bacteria that are always present within the bowels.  Thus, for the most complete detoxification with colon cleansing products, look for dual action cleansers in order to best improve your overall health.

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