The “Second Best” Colon Cleansing Treatment Money Can Buy!!!

You may be wondering who in their right mind would ever want the “Second Best Colon Cleansing Treatment Money Can Buy”—right?  After all, many of us are already aware of how an effective bowel cleansing product can help us live healthier lives.  Plus, we probably also know that a clogged colon can create a number of potential health issues, such as:

  • Increased odds of developing chronic or severe constipation
  • Parasites can attach to the sides of the colon and intestines easier
  • Increased population of harmful bacteria and toxins throughout the body, but especially in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Digestion problems
  • Weakened or strained immune system which can leave us more susceptible to disease and infection

So, with all of these huge medical problems associated with a clogged gastrointestinal tract, why would anyone want to take their chances with the “second best” colon cleansing treatment?  Well, that is because any effective bowel cleansing product—no matter how great it works—will always be slower than a colonic irrigation procedure.

In a colonic irrigation (also known as Colon Hydrotherapy), the bowels are completely flushed and all compacted feces is removed.  This procedure is often used in cases of extreme constipation where a person has failed to have a normal bowel movement for several days.  When this happens, bacteria populations will swell and spread throughout the body because they are reabsorbed into the blood stream when stool cannot be evacuated properly.

Unfortunately in cases like this, a normal bowel cleansing product does not work fast enough to remove the blockage and a colonic irrigation procedure may be required.  If the waste is not eliminated, then septicemia may set in (a toxic overload of bacteria that creates infections all throughout the body) and death is very possible even when antibiotic treatments are administered.  However, while Colon Hydrotherapy may be effective, it can be both expensive and quite unpleasant to undergo.  A colon cleanser is much less expensive and will not require a medical professional to administer so it remains a far less invasive option.

A bowel cleansing product may be slower than an irrigation treatment but it is not necessarily second best—not necessarily.  Actually, the right colon cleansing program will not only flush the entire gastrointestinal tract, it can also help with digestion and other bowel-related functions by restoring the intestinal flora.

Colon cleansers must restore intestinal flora levels because they do not flourish in environments with high levels of toxins and harmful bacteria.  However, once the colon is clear, they will help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, aid in digestion, and help remove toxins.  In this manner, a bowel cleansing product is actually superior to a colonic irrigation.

So, although an irrigation procedure will provide a complete colon cleanse and is much faster, it should definitely be considered a second option.  While bowel cleaning products may in fact be slower and therefore perhaps the “Second Best Colon Cleansing Treatment Money Can Buy”—they are certainly effective and will make any irrigation procedures unnecessary if used on a periodic basis at regular intervals.

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