What To Look For In A Colon Cleanse Review

Every colon cleanse review will have a listing of the benefits derived from completely cleaning out your gastrointestinal tract.  Some of the most common advantages listed on such reviews of bowel cleansing products include:

  • Removing the waste that has gathered along the walls of the colon and intestines over the years.  Feces and undigested food cling to the walls of these organs and slow the evacuation of stool from the body by making the passageway smaller and creating friction.  A bowel cleanser removes this accumulated waste and thus reduces chances for blockages which can cause constipation problems.
  • Increases immune system effectiveness because bacteria levels are lower thanks to the colon cleansing which eliminates the feces and waste which is a breeding ground for bacteria that tax the immune system constantly.
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce chances of contracting minor colds and flu’s
  • Improves efficiency of digestive system

While all of these benefits are indeed derived by using an effective colon cleanser and detoxification system, what is missing from this list are the potential problems that may arise when choosing the wrong cleanser.

A common mistake that people make when buying a colon cleanse product is to opt for the less-expensive option that happens to promise the moon but almost always fails to deliver.  Cheap colon cleansers will almost surely be made with chemicals or other synthesized products in order to save on cost.  The fact is that all natural ingredients tend to be more expensive to harvest or process which is why companies love to synthesize them.

However, a bowel cleanser made with synthetic ingredients tends to be rougher on the body and may cause a series of side effects, such as:

  • Dehydration—This may cause a lot of problems but will certainly lead to more problems with constipation because dehydration is a common cause of the condition.  In addition, colon cleansers that lead to dehydration will also tend to cause skin problems such as acne or even the premature appearance of wrinkles because water is essential to this organ.
  • Lower energy levels—water is vital to every system of your body and any time dehydration occurs, the natural response will be to slow metabolism.
  • Destroy beneficial intestinal flora that help remove toxins, control harmful bacteria populations, and aids in the production of Vitamin B

One of the biggest advantages that many companies who make bowel cleansers like to advertise is the fact that the product helps control harmful bacteria and parasites in the colon and intestines.  However, the best colon cleanser will destroy these harmful agents while not killing off the intestinal flora in the process.  Therefore, try to find a bowel cleansing product that only uses natural antibiotics as they will not harm the flora but will reduce bacteria and parasite levels and thus help improve overall health.

Although there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies selling colon cleansing products on the Internet and claiming to provide a host of health benefits for those who buy their merchandise, many are made from harsh chemicals or synthesized ingredients.  Therefore, don’t just pay attention to the benefits on a colon cleanse review—be sure to look for potential side effects for a true understanding of how the product will (or will not) help you improve your health.

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